Karan Singh Reveals Plans for Sunburn 11, Property Expansion, International Markets & More!

Entertainment | August 10, 2017 | Interview

Sunburn Percept

It wouldn’t be wrong if we said that the last ten years have seen the LIVE Entertainment space in India truly evolve and transform itself into a vivacious and dynamic business opportunity that everyone wants a piece of. Giving credit where it's due, it was media giant Percept’s brainchild ‘Sunburn’ that kickstarted the electronic dance music festival scene in India.

Sustaining a new event property is a daunting challenge. However, Percept through its relentless marketing and creative efforts matched with eye-rolling investments for 10 years made Sunburn a success story that enjoys unprecedented love and support from EDM fans across the globe.

As Sunburn completed 10 successful years last year in Pune, Percept claims this is only the beginning of bigger and grander things they have in store for festival audiences.

In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Karan Singh- CEO, Sunburn Global shares plans of Sunburn 11, property expansion plans, Sunburn Australia & more.

Last year saw Sunburn successfully completing 10 years as the biggest music festival property in India. What can the audiences expect from Sunburn 11?

As we enter a new decade of Sunburn, we are going to completely renew the experience for our fans. Sunburn Season 11 will definitely break barriers to double in both size and scale with a host of new assets and formats being introduced therein catering to a wider audience both globally and domestically.

We are making some big and exciting changes to the main Sunburn Festival this year, which will be announced in the coming weeks. We have a couple of massive Arena Tours planned across the country with artists who have never toured these cities before. Previously Tier 2 cities were only a part of Sunburn Reload, but now Sunburn Arenas will also be introduced in these Tier 2 markets.

We will also be majorly focusing on the digital content for Sunburn 11. Our viewership is targeted to double from 22 million online views to 50 million, with Live streaming extending beyond the main festival to become a key part of the other Sunburn formats.

And finally, we are going to be introducing a brand-new format of Sunburn this year which is completely targeted towards the youth of India thereby offering them a more accessible and affordable dance music experience. More detailed information on these formats will be shared very soon – but it promises to be an exciting and a significant season for us.

Percept also recently announced that it will be taking Sunburn to Australia. How will this edition be rolled out?

We are doing a Sunburn Reload show in Australia, which is our smaller format, and we are taking some of the best Indian artists there. We have dabbled successfully in several international markets in the past few years, including Sri Lanka in 2012, Dubai in 2013, Muscat in 2015 and Kathmandu, Nepal in 2016. That being said, it is still super exciting for us to cross over to Down Under and we will be doing a show there for the first time. It has always been our effort to give our global fans the home grown brand experience through a customized format on their home turf. We have witnessed an increasing interest from Sunburn patrons based in Australia which led us to incept the upcoming Melbourne edition.

Melbourne has a rich electronic music history and has struck the perfect balance between mass-market festivals and the club culture. Sunburn Reload, Melbourne will feature India’s youngest and Sunburn resident, DJ Shaan apart from Candice Redding, Olly Esse and other homegrown acts at the popular Studio 3, Crown Casino, Melbourne, Australia. 

During the course of Sunburn Season 11, we do have plans to definitely do shows in Sri Lanka, Dubai, Nepal, and other parts of Asia and the Middle East.

What are the plans for expansion as you step into the new decade?

We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved in the last decade. The need of the hour now is to reinvent the brand and the experience. That is exactly what we intend to do. We have always focused on the experience of our fans, first and foremost, and we intend to give them an even better, bigger and importantly more varied experience moving forward. There is so much potential in India with so many markets to tap – the possibilities for expansion are endless.

We intend to double in magnitude and numbers from 750,000 to reach 1.4 million fans via amplification of engagement and events by targeting more markets across Indi and overseas as also introducing new formats like U21. Sunburn Reload will expand from 25 shows to 50 large format shows across 26 cities. Sunburn Arena will also witness an expansion into 15 markets as it gets introduced into Tier 2 markets this year. International growth will also see the brand extend its geographical footprint into Australia, Dubai, Colombo, Asia and the Middle East. Digital reach is targeted to scale up to hit 50 million views this season with Live Streaming and other innovative Technologies backing our endeavor. The flagship Sunburn Festival will witness inbound traffic from more countries this year as we reach out to more territories via our online partner sites and digital campaigns with an aim to drive greater awareness and ticket sales across more geographies.

Beyond this, we are definitely interested in going into some new business lines with Sunburn, which again we plan to do in the next 12-24 months.

There were speculations that Sunburn will be creating a new edition of the festival for the Under 21 audiences. How will this festival be rolled out?

Sunburn U21 is the brand new format which is completely targeted to the youth Under 21 age bracket as the name suggests. We have realized that we need to make the experience more accessible and affordable to the youth across India. These shows will be held at more accessible venues and at a much lower price point which will make an outing for a Sunburn U21 experience similar to the cost of going to a movie or a meal. We initially plan to target the youth across the key cities of Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. We are confident that this format will enable us to tap into a new audience segment altogether and achieve really massive numbers.

Share with us the rationale behind Sunburn CSR. 

Well, the rationale behind it is that every company and every brand should strive to do its bit for society and we are no different. We did have a successful charity project last year and we are looking to do the same each season. In addition, we have some other interesting and unique ideas as well to engage the fans and artists alike for the purpose of doing good for society.

Our fans can be rest assured that the CSR tie-ups and ideas announced soon will not only ensure that their monies spent are being used wisely for causes aimed at the greater good of society but also win them some amazing and exclusive prizes and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that money cannot really buy!

In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Karan Singh- CEO, Sunburn Global shares plans for Sunburn 11, property expansion, Sunburn Australia & more.

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