Fashion Icon Marc Robinson Shares His Journey, Talks About How Brands Look at Fashion & More!

Industry Watch | July 17, 2017 | Interview

Marc Robinson

Marc Robinson initiated his career in the Indian fashion, film and glamour industry 25 years ago and today he is known around the world as a former Supermodel, fashion choreographer, established event director, and consultant to some of the biggest brands in the country.  Currently, Marc is the Creative and Fashion Director for the BMW India Bridal Fashion Week as well as the Project Head for Max India Fashion Icon and MAX Elle Fashion Awards Student Edition.

In an exclusive interview with him, EVENTFAQS gets a low-down on the change the Indian fashion industry has seen in the last decade, how brands in India look at fashion and his journey through the years.

How do you feel the fashion industry in India has evolved over the last decade? Is the change good or bad?

The fashion industry in the past few years has evolved for the better. It's become a lot more streamlined and structured. There's a lot of work for everyone. It's also become an extremely competitive industry and there's a lot more choice. Today a lot of agencies are representing a lot more people within the country and internationally. You can have your pick and it is made available. 

Share with us some of the most amazing experiences you have had on the ramp as a Model?

Personally, every time I walked the runway has been a great experience to cherish because I enjoyed being on the ramp. Some of the memorable shows I have done have been for Rohit Bal, in fact for one of his shows I had dyed my hair platinum blonde and this was in the early 90s, and I remember that this had shocked the people at that time but interestingly, that trend is only being noticed nowadays.

The garments then were abstract and the suits were neon-coloured or velvet made. I really reveled in the shows I have done. So it's difficult for me to really identify and pick out my best shows, but yes some memorable ramp walks have been for Levis, Rohit Bal, Arjun Khanna, Kingfisher, Raymonds and many others. They've all been huge. The experience has been fabulous. The shows have been classy, sophisticated and some were even wild. 

You have also been a close consultant to numerous brands. How do they see fashion events and associations with them?

I work with a lot of brands. I believe a lot of them are well informed of what space they are in and they definitely want to piggy back during various fashion shows because nothing covers glamour more than fashion. It gets them more eye balls and the representatives of these brands are well-traveled and they know exactly what they want from such associations. The amalgamation has been great for the growth of business on both ends. 

Today, be it an automobile brand or a smartphone, everyone is incorporating fashion shows for the launch of their products? Do you think as a country we are overdoing the fashion events in the country today?

Fashion & brand launches have actually been around for the last 15 years in the glamour industry. I remember doing shows for such brand launches whether it was for a perfume launch or a television launch or a car launch or a phone launch or even jewelry launch. If you put a car by itself with a non-celeb or with just any of the geniuses associated with the brand, it may not attract the interested buyers as much. But if you accessorize the same car with glamour or a theme, it may even catch the attention of a non-buyer who may later get converted into an end user of the product. Making things larger than life and stylish definitely takes things a notch higher. Positioning a product and glamour go hand in hand. 

The world knows Marc as a model, choreographer, fashion show director but who is Marc when the lights of the ramp go off. Tell us 3 things the world doesn't know about you yet?

My life is an open book but my three most important things in life are my children, my passion for football and my church. I'm religious and I pray a lot. People know I party, I holiday and I work but on the quieter side, I love watching movies, sports and sometimes doing nothing at home because I enjoy my own company, sometimes more than anybody else's. 

You have also worked as an event director. Is a plan to launch your own event company in the future?

People ask me this a lot and have been asking me to do so for the last 20 years but I like my own space and I like being by myself and do what I want to and that comes from making myself a brand bigger than it is. So starting an event company or anything in that genre would be great but you never know. My current priorities are my work and my kids. I have 3 beautiful kids. A daughter- Chanel who is turning 15 this September, I have a son Brooklyn who is 13 and a younger daughter Seana who is 9. They're a handful and I'm very busy with them. 

According to you which are the 3 personalities in India that have nailed their fashion game?

Going to Bollywood, I think Kangana Ranaut has nailed it, she gets every look right. She's so versatile and can carry an editorial look very beautifully. I love Sonam Kapoor as well. I love certain garments that she sports and the way she looks in them. Going back to the earlier times I think Arjun Rampal's wife Mehr Jesia was fabulous. The way she carried her garments and the way she walked the ramp. At the time when she was at the peak of her modeling career, she did great and it can be recalled through the old fashion magazines. The new magazines showcase the talents of the newer lot of Kangana & Sonam, as they know what they're doing.

What inspired you to get into the fashion industry and when did it become a full-time profession for you?

I love Travelling, I love people and the glamour life. I was fortunate enough to have met the right people at the right time. I was lucky to have met Rohit Khosla who started his fashion journey way back in the late 80s in Delhi who introduced me to Mehr Jesia who further introduced me to Prabhu Dasgupta. At that point, fashion was still emerging and was still mushrooming.

All the people met at the right time when I was starting out in Delhi. I was networking at parties, there was a night club called Ghungroo in Delhi. I loved clothes and traveled a lot and met the right people, which all came together.

It came as a business idea to me and modeling fell into my lap. It was offered to me time and again by photographers and show directors so I enjoyed it. I could think ahead and was smart enough to identify that people anticipate a model to have a time limit even though there weren't so many models around that time.

While I was at the top of my game as a model, a VJ, and an anchor. I started getting involved in every aspect of fashion event management to prolong my career and being able to do what I love doing which is fashion. I love the looks, the buzz and the people around it. I had to make it large with my own credentials for which I had to expose myself a lot more, add work to my kitty even if it was with people internationally and learn as much as I could to have enough experience. And as I look back today I think all of that has paid off. 

Where do you see yourself 10 years down the line? 

Hopefully still doing what I love doing, which has to be solely about fashion and networking. I like the evolution around this industry. I would also love to continue to play football. But more than anything I still want to give the youngsters an opportunity to get into the industry with an easier path and have a fair play. I also want to give opportunities to the boys and girls from the small towns who can't find correct platforms to expose their potentials in the areas they're confined to.

In an exclusive interview with Robinson, EVENTFAQS gets a low-down on the change the Indian fashion industry has seen in the last decade, how brands in India look at fashion and more.

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