Devotees Flock to ITC Aashirvaad Zone at Puri Rath Yatra; Managed by Impact Communications

Marketing | July 3, 2017 | News

ITC Impact Communications

Devotees from all walks of life are amassing at the ongoing Puri Rath Yatra, one of the biggest religious congregations in East India, held in Jagganath Puri. This 9-day long festival holds that the Mighty Lords visit and feast at Puri, and every year the Jagganath Temple, since historic times, has been feeding lakhs of devotees by providing 'bhog'.

One of the most popular Atta brands in the country, ITC Aashirvaad wanted to contribute to this pious offering from the temple. The brand, with help of BTL agency Impact Communications, took this platform to drive saliency around its key offering and create a memorable experience that would touch every participating disciple. “At Puri, devotees come with a mind-set of devotion & selfless contribution to society & ITC’s unique initiative #Mutthibharashirvaad captures this essence. Infact it goes a step ahead & helps them contribute a meal to the under-served with a simple click-button gesture at ITC’s Ashirvaad zone. We tied up with the temple authority and donated equal amount of grain to the temple kitchen for the Bhog aka Prasad,” said Abhishek Bhatia, Head Business Planning, Impact Communications.

“By virtue of it, this noble initiative couldn’t be restricted to just Puri, and therefore spread across the major cities of Odisha through multiple kiosks and mobile-led engagements,” added Nidhi Singh, COO Impact Communications.

Every year the Jagganath Temple feeds lakhs of devotees by providing bhog.

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