Vegetables: A Hot New Trend In Wedding Decor?!

Weddings | June 30, 2017 | Feature

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Eat your veggies – and decorate with them too! Veggie décor at weddings is a hot trend! Moreover, it is a great alternative to flowers, especially for clients looking at budget décor. Did you ever, EVER imagine that vegetables like capsicum, chillies, turnips, broccoli, and tomatoes will find a way out of the kitchen and find themselves a place in wedding decor. Imagine a beautiful summer brunch set up with beautiful wooden picnic benches adorned by a basket of veggies and flowers! Vegetables can be used individually of put together to form table runners, bunched with flowers as a part of floral sculptures, etc. The options are endless!

Some recent, very upscale wedding celebrations and private affairs have seen veggies being used beautifully in decor. Luckily vegetable decor can be just as colorful as flowers, so one doesn’t need to sacrifice on colour and vibrancy!

Veggie Decor by Devika Narain & Co

We spoke to some young, fresh and out of the box decor designers of India including Nafisa Sheikh Afonso, Founder, Purple Tree Events, Vishal Chand Mehra, Director, Wedding Duo, Annushree Aggarwal, Director, Theme Weavers International, Devika Narain, Director, Devika Narain & Company. Read the story to know all they had to say!

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Goa-based wedding designer Nafisa Sheikh Afonso, Founder, Purple Tree Events explains, "Using vegetables in decor helps break the monotony and also helps bring about an unusual twist to decor pieces. Bright  coloured  vegetables add a different dimension and variety of  colours  and shapes to play around with."   

Look how these vegetable boxes have a great farm-fresh feel to them, not to mention how perfect they look at summer weddings.

Veggie Decor by Motwane Entertainment and Weddings

Agreeing with Afonso, Vishal Chand Mehra, Director, Wedding Duo exclaims, "Bringing the 'farm to the table' concept is not restricted to chefs alone.  We designers also happily bring in veggies in all their natural glorious shapes to style tables and centerpieces and accentuate a design story."

Interestingly Annushree Aggarwal, Director, Theme Weavers Designs, feels differently.


Ripe fruits, like tomatoes, symbolize abundance and fertility and see how they alone can make a table look so simple, clean and yet so appealing.

Image courtesy: Martha Stewart Weddings

What we like most about this table is the way these vibrant veggies have been mixed and matched with one another.

Veggie Decor by Motwane Entertainment and Weddings

Artfully aligned crudités can be such a visual delight like this table below and what's more, these delights can double as tasteful hors d'oeuvres once guests are seated. Isn't this such a perfect setting for an afternoon brunch/day wedding lunch?

Image courtesy: Martha Stewart Weddings

Veggies can also be doubly effective when used as both the centerpiece and your candles. Look how these veggies have been carved or wrapped around house candles!

Image courtesy: Tatertots and Jello

Well known decor designer, Devika Narain explains how she used green veggies like to create refreshing and rejuvenating table decor at one of her recent weddings. She said, "We use peppers as candle holders and made giant mounds of green vegetables. No flowers were used. It was all green and white and beautiful. For centerpieces had candles surrounded by green chillies. I think using veggies in decor is super cool and avante-garde. What's more, one can use all local veggies. like Peppers, Chillies and Gourd."

Veggie Decor by Devika Narain & Co

See how these black and white stripes are providing a graphic contrast to the centerpieces featuring lemons, yellow roses, white hydrangeas, kale, chamomile, ivy, and dusty miller, alongside floating candles in forged iron pedestals!

Image Courtesy: Bryan Gardner

Check out how wedding designer Sakshi Jerath has used pumpkins with flowers!

Veggie Decor by Designs by Sakshi Jerath

Some of the most upcoming decor designers of the country share their thoughts on this brand new trend!

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