SO SUMMERY: 11 Mandap Designs, Perfect For Scorching Summer/ Beach Weddings!

Weddings | June 28, 2017 | Feature

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A typical summer wedding is all about the experience being light, easy and breezy! Over the top decor is not just too much for the heat, but also a bit out of fashion, don't you think?

And so we gathered some true mandap inspirations for you from recent scorching summer weddings and beach extavaganzas! These are Mandaps that are soothing, summery, so fresh and so so stunning!

So steal the one that is your favourite and show it to your next summer wedding client!

Summery Mandap by FNP Floral Touch, Dubai


Peach is colour that will never let you down, especially if you add florals like this!

Summery Mandap by Vintage Nutters 

Summery Mandap by Tamarind Global


Look how this white mandap complimented the black-white checkered flooring, amalgamating beautifully with the look of the set-up.

The exterior structure was circular flat top with box pillars and the interior top had a dome shape with floral arches in circumference giving more height and depth to the mandap. It comprised of tuberoses, edgings with indian oleanders and glass bells suspended from the dome. There were 6000-7000 flowers stringed horizontally and 2000-3000 flowers stringed vertically which drooped to add density to the mandap! The edgings were pink coloured Kaner (indian oleander flower) and 200 customized glass bells attached to floral strings dangling from top.

Summery Mandap by Designs by Sakshi Jerath


Isn't this mandap a real floral delight and so perfect for the heat?

Summery Mandap by The Wedding Design Company by Vandana Mohan

Isn't an all white wedding mandap just so gorgeous, soothing and unique. And how beautifully it is making the couple and their outfits stand out!

Make a Mandap of peonies in shades of red and pink, roses, hydrangeas etc.


 And to complete the look, match with these 'simple to make' yet gorgeous pastel chair backs! The setting was magical with the beach acting as the backdrop to the ‘Mandap’, making the place look miraculous! This remarkable installation took 2 nights of work and stole the show.

Summery Mandap by Tamarind Global

Make a Pastels and Open garden-themed Mandap. This one featured flowers like cymbidiums, hydrangeas, lilies, winter roses, carnations, etc, while the central chandelier was the highlight of the mandap. 

Summery Mandap by White Water Events

We totally love this organic green mandap, so budget-friendly and yet so refreshing and summery!

Summery Mandap by Wedding Duo

This Mandap you see below was a magical setting, with Powai Lake at the back, a magnificent Ganesha overlooking the setting, flowers everywhere, some even looking like they are dropping straight from the sky!

Summery Mandap By Gurleen M Puri


These fabulously designed Mandaps are soothing and subtle in terms of colours and florals.

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