Signature StartUp Masterclass with Pablo Munguía Presented by Oranjuice Entertainment

Entertainment | June 16, 2017 | News

Oranjuice Entertainment NCPA Signature

Established sound Guru and winner of five Prime-time Emmys, Pablo Munguía conducted a masterclass at Little Theatre, NCPA on June 7, to share his expertise with sound producers, engineers, theatre and live music producers as well as students studying at various music schools across the city. This Signature StartUp Masterclass provided an insight into music production and engineering, technology and innovation for live and studio production and was open to all. The event was organised by Oranjuice Entertainment in partnership with Berklee College of Music.

Inspite of the masterclass taking place on a weekday, NCPA packed in a full house, with a mix of industry experts, students from music schools, theatre and live show producers and sound engineers. Many well-known faces of the industry like Shantanu Hudlekar, Clinton Cerejo, and Ronny Monsorate were seen on the day engaging in conversation with the speaker. The event was free for all, as a gesture by the organisers to support the creative community and encourage maximum participation.

The event was split into two bits – the first part consisted of Pablo Munguia’s presentation breaking down sound innovation and technology for live events and its nuances for major shows and artists. He discussed expectations in live & studio music Production through two lenses – The Audience and the Music Producer. The audience actively participated in the discussion while he talked about his experience in the industry so far with artists and audience alike.

The second segment was a tête-à-tête between Pablo Munguia and Ranjit Barot, a music director, music arranger, drummer, singer and industry Stalwart himself. The conversation took the audience through his journey in the industry, the different challenges he faced and various personal experiences highlighting milestones from his career.

This 2-hour session was shot and will be shared as a webisode under the Signature Start-up Masterclass. The entire series is LIVE on 

Emmy Award-winning director from Berklee’s campus in Valencia conducted a session as part of Signature StartUp Masterclass series on June 7 at Little Theatre, NCPA on music production and technology

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