Wedniksha Completes Another Udaipur Wedding with Delightful Decor

Weddings | June 15, 2017 | News

Wedniksha The Oberoi Udaivillas

Following this superb English High Tea, a Welcome Dinner, that took place at the Fore Courts of The Oberoi, Udaivillas.

The décor mainly consisted of floral, candles and mirror elements. The entire idea behind the décor was to play with these elements and create something that makes one feel a part of another picturesque world. Through different elements such as a mirror tree, mirror mosaic customised logo placed in the middle of the pond and other mirror panels placed across the venue along with florals and candles, Wedniksha managed to create a dreamy atmosphere.

The next day began with the Mehendi Ceremony which took place in the Front Lawns of Udaivillas and themed around the Rajasthani Culture. The décor included hues of pink and orange that looked even brighter in the scorching sun of Udaipur and complemented the entire theme and décor for the day.

In order to create an authentic Rajasthani ambience, elements such as gottapatti dream catchers and a floral walkway were created. Mehendi events are usually known to be fun and casual, therefore, in terms of the décor, Wedniksha had elements such as Colourful Auto rikshaw and a Rajasthani painted cycle rikshaw. Additionally, the agency had diwans and lounge seating placed all around to create a casual ambience.

The night was followed by the Sangeet, which took place at the Crescent Lawn of the Oberoi, Udaivillas. The theme of the night was techno and therefore, the primary aim of the décor was to bring this techno theme to life through all the elements used. The agency placed different forms of trusses across the venue that had LED light balls and other forms of LED lights hanging from it.

Each table had a specially created light ball placed on it as a center piece with a flower bed surrounded by candles. The entire venue had different forms of LED lights from the entrance to the stage and the bar, to create a complete techno ambience. All guests danced the night away, which included family performances and a heart-stringing performance by Thaikkudum Bridge, a well known Band from South India.

The various events as part of this wedding took place at The Oberoi Udaivillas, one of the most stunning and luxurious hotels in the world.

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