Asics Hyderabad Store Launch Sees David Warner and Kane Williamson Meet & Greet Fans

Marketing | May 15, 2017 | News

Toast Events ASICS David Warner

Toast Events was chosen through a multi-agency pitch to strategize and execute the Meet and Greet event for Asics India in Hyderabad. The brand wanted to create buzz about the store presence at the Jubilee Hills and to create a hook to increase the footfalls to the store.

Global brand ambassadors for Asics - David Warner, and Kane Williamson were present on May 5 to address the local Media to talk about their association with the brand and to meet their fans and a few loyal customers at the Store. To spread the word across about their presence, Toast created some interesting content for the brand to create more touch points with the TG, generating excitement among them to meet the Stars.

As a part of the amplification plan, Toast proposed a cricket contest at one of the prime locations of Hyderabad, the Street Drive inn, where a lot of Cricket, Volleyball and Football fans come to play their favourite sport. The Street marketing boys and girls also went to prime locations in Hyderabad, including the cricket Stadium to shout out about the Cricketing Contest which helped in getting more than 325+ entries for the activity across a period of 3 days. Each contestant got 3 balls to put maximum runs on the Scoreboard. The more runs, the greater the chance of being picked for the meet & greet with the cricketing stars.

Parallely, the agency also ran a Retail contest at the Store, where the highest shopper for each day, for 3 days, were offered a chance to meet the stars. This was amplified via Radio & Digital Campaigns as well.

On the actual day of Meet and Greet, more than 350-400 people gathered outside the Store by the end of the event to meet the Warner and Williamson. A few lucky ones got a chance to meet them while the others were shortlisted through Retail, Digital and On-Ground Cricket Activity contests. The duo arrived at the Store for a quick press conference, talking about their fitness levels and how the brand has helped maintaining their lifestyle, both On and Off-ground. This was followed by a meet & greet with the Contest winners, fans and the Loyal Customers. The dance moves by both of them on the Sunrisers theme song took away all the limelight at the event. The event closed with 5 to 6 one-on-one interviews with the local media.

Prateek Nagpal, Client Servicing Lead, Toast Events said, “It was a fun and interactive session between the players & the Media and the kind of buzz created in the local market for the brand was commendable. The challenge that we faced during the event was to control the crowd outside the Store who gathered 1 hour prior to the event to meet their favourite Stars. This one being the stand-alone store created traffic on the roads, but thanks to the local police & traffic cops who supported our security team really well and helped us controlling the situation.”

Gautam Mehta, Production Manager, Toast Events added, “Choosing the right locations for the activity was a challenge. We had done multiple recces with the local associates in Hyderabad to finalise the Street Marketing Venues for the promotion. Street marketing at wrong locations could have led to failure in participation by the TG. With the final number of participants & queues for the on-ground activity proved that we went ahead with the right locations targeting the right set of people.”

Toast Events was responsible for conceptualising the entire launch, and most importantly, generating the right amount of pre-activity buzz via on-ground, digital and radio campaigns.

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