Gulf Oil India Gets Dhoni to Inspire Teams on CEO D Day

Marketing | May 1, 2017 | News

Gulf Oil Open Brand Experiences Mahendra Singh Dhoni

OPEN Brand Experience was given the opportunity to plan and execute a campaign for Gulf Oil, featuring their brand ambassador Mahendra Singh Dhoni as CEO for the Day. The campaign started with a teaser phase that used MSD’s silhouettes and statistics from his cricket career; in the second phase the name and logo for the event was announced – CEO D Day.

On April 3, CEO D Day, MSD entered the GULF OIL India headquarters at MIDC in Mumbai. There was much anticipation built up for this moment and when it came it was explosive. MSD took stage, broke ice with the audience and went on to show his excitement and enthusiasm for being a Corporate leader for a change.

Contest winners from the pre-event campaign were given different responsibilities, such as Secretary, Presenter of Appointment Letter, One on One with MSD, and so on. The ceremonies were performed with much fanfare while AVs were played on multiple 80” plasmas set up at the offices. All Gulf Oil’s employees were connected to the event live across 7 offices panning across India through video conferencing between the locations.

The entire event was telecast live on mobile for employees who could not make it to office or were out on duty.

After the ceremonies, MSD took a seat in his new cabin that was customized for him. He went on to conduct a board meeting with the leadership team and went back to the main audience for the day – all of Team Gulf Oil India.

The emcee, Rozzlin Pereira, conducted Q&A sessions between the employees and MSD before she had a tête-à-tête with MSD about the vision and way forward for Gulf Oil India. MSD’s attitude won over the audience immediately as they identified with his image which emphasises ethics, great quality and hard work. It was evident that both MSD & Gulf Oil had had journeys that started small and grew larger than what was imagined.

The events proceedings came to an end with a round of awards for the top performing teams, gift presentations from and to MSD, group photographs and selfies for contest winners with MSD and a quick bite in the canteen with the top brass at Gulf Oil.

Commenting on the success of the event Ravi Chawla, MD, Gulf Oil India said, “Everybody in the team worked hard to create a very touching experience. Every single Gulf Oil member was in awe of their CEO for the Day. His values and ours go hand in hand so he always leaves the team inspired to do more.”

“This is Open’s first full-fledged experiential campaign. We are extremely happy to have a great brand, a great celebrity and this opportunity to showcase Open Brand Experiences,” said Zarif Tapia, Co-Founder, Open Brand Experiences.

Managed by OBE, the event on April 3 took place at the company’s headquarters at MIDC Mumbai, which was also broadcast live across 7 offices across India.

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