India Expo Shop 2017 Provides Event Service Providers a Platform to Showcase Their Offerings

Business Events | April 27, 2017 | News

India Expo Shop 2017 India Expo Mart EEMA

Organised by the Indian Exhibitions, Conferences & Events Services Association (IESA), India Expo Shop 2017 took place from April 17 to 20 at India Expo Centre & Mart, Noida. The three-day event included the India Expo Shop Summit which took place on April 18; the CEO's round table allowed for interactive dialogue on carving the strategic initiatives as an industry.

Talking about how the event was conceptualised, Binu Nanu, President, IESA and Managing Director, Meroform India remarked, “India Expo Shop is conceived on the lines of Euro shop where materials required for Exhibitions, Events, Seminars, etc are presented live to the customer. In that aspect, the IES is a small step towards large goals.  Companies from Germany, China and Italy have participated along with Indian companies in the two editions of India Expo Shop showing a variety of products. The Indian companies which are doing R&D in India and trying to create products and services through innovation also needs a window to the world.  IESA will be holding more Knowledge seminars and also will repeat India Expo Shop in other parts of India to gain a larger audience.”

In the Seminar held along with India Expo Shop, the Jt Secretary, Ministry of Commerce asked for a white paper on the segment which the association will be submitting along with EEMA.

Indian Exhibitions, Conferences & Events Services Association (IESA) is the apex organization working towards the development of the sector. IESA serves as a conduit between the sector and wider industry stakeholders including but not limited to Government, Exhibition Organizers, International Trade Commissions, ITPO. Talking about the vision of IESA, Nanu said, “IESA represents the Service Providers in Exhibitions, Events, Conferences and Seminars.  This segment has its own requirements and problems. We believe that India can match services rendered anywhere across the globe by giving the segment a little push. Acquisition of knowledge, upgradation of technology and imparting skill training at various levels are needed to achieve this end. Thus, IESA envisions all the above aspects being implemented through training sessions, seminars, exhibitions and offering exposure its members.  We believe that when the services are of global standards and when India is ready with modern infrastructure for holding large scale exhibitions and events, India can become the hub for exhibitions in Asia.”

The conference covered subjects like Value Creation, Cost management, customer retention, succession planning, employee retention, design & data security - which are a CEO's focus - in short how to convert design & fabrications agencies into corporate entities for long term sustainability; Design, materials, techniques, employee safety, project management, - which are the operations or customer service teams focus - the best ways to nurturing and retaining talent; and Competitive mapping, key account retention, pricing strategy etc. which are the focus of business development teams - the effective strategies to enhance revenues and profitability.

Sharing some of the challenges the industry faces, Nanu added, “As regards problems, safety, last mile delivery and taxation are some of the key areas which were to be addressed.   We held a seminar on GST about six months back and followed up with a Representation to GST Commissioner, expressing our concerns and asking for clarifications.  This was done along with EEMA which we believe is a major step towards partnership with other Associations with similar interest.”

IESA in its short span, has already published a draft contract which can be used by all its members and has also come out with a booklet on Safety Standards.  It will soon be publishing Safety Codes for temporary architecture which will pave a better path towards safety.  The association also held training programmes for Carpenters and Electricians by National Skill Development Corporation at the India Expo Shop and issued Certificates to the participants; IESA intends to take the training forward to various part of the country this year.

Exhibitors at India Expo Shop included Exhibition Stand Construction System Manufacturers, Manufacturers, service providers and rental companies for superstructures, flooring, visual technologies, IT companies, design agencies, electrical equipment, venues, lighting manufacturers, trade fair contractors, and so on. Some of these included Jess Ideas, Deepali Designs, Low & Bonar, City Neon, Reality Showbiz, Losberger and Eventually.

India Expo Shop 2017 was organised in association with EEMA, ESSA, IEIA and India Convention Promotion Bureau and supported by CII, SEPO and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

The industry event took place from April 17 to 20 at India Expo Centre & Mart, Noida, and included a one-day conference on April 18.

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