Reeva Johal, VP, Showtime Group Explains How Perfect Planning Of Mammoth Weddings Is Achieved

Weddings | April 19, 2017 | Interview

Reeva Johal Showtime Group

In a chat with us, Reeva Johal, Vice President- Showtime Group discusses how perfect planning is key to executing successful large format weddings across the globe while discussing the importance of synchronization between various stakeholders working on a project.

Johal feels that there's a basic cultural difference when it comes to weddings in India and abroad. Therefore, the way weddings happen in India is very different from the way they happen abroad. This is the primary reason that a planner's work differs when planning a wedding in India as compared to planning an international wedding; and as a planner we try to bridge this cultural gap.

Explaining she says, "At Showtime, we do events both in the country and outside of it. But the good thing is that even in India we work with international vendors. We blend the best of Indian elements when we are executing events abroad and similarly bring in the best of international talent when producing events/weddings in India. So there's a give and take relationship that is continually taking place. Being a planner, one has to balance both sides, respect the cultures and bring in the best of elements together."

Speaking of another crucial aspect, she said, "I feel synchronization of the planner with vendors is of utmost importance. It is the core of planning for any event and a lot depends on it. Usually planners work with vendors who are already part of the family, who they've worked with before during other events, hence trust is important."

"Be it security, caterers, artists, everything needs to be in harmony for a hassle free execution. Both the vendors and the planner need to be on the same page and have a clear picture about each other." added Johal

In Johal's opinion the winning formula, especially when it comes to large format weddings is to take care of everything down to the minutest details.She explains how whatever is going to happen at the venue absolutely needs to be on paper before, including every small detail. The basic plan, design and the execution need to be totally in sync for a large scale event.

Elaborating she says, "One needs to have a manual and follow it to the T.  So before you hit the site, small things like team division also play a crucial role.  One needs to ensure that there are no last minute decisions. As a planne, you also need to ensure that each person knows their job well. Even a little change at the stage of execution tends to have a trickle down effect. If one thing changes from the plan, it will have an effect on ten different things."

She also explained how attention to detail and focus is critical. According to Johal, one needs to start from the basics in order to be able to execute a successful event.

She said, "My advice would be to start doing the 'not so nice things' first, which are basically the tougher parts. This will ensure that your foundation is strong. Events and wedding planning is a great space to be in today's time. It gives you an opportunity to bring your ideas to life. And thankfully, the market is open to new things. So, yes, this space is one that definitely brings your imagination to life!"

Johal discusses how perfect planning is key to executing successful large format weddings across the globe while discussing the importance of synchronization between various stakeholders.

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