KPMG in India Appointed as Process Advisors and Evaluators for WOW Awards Asia 2017

Business Events | April 20, 2017 | Video Update

WOW Awards Asia KPMG

WOW Awards Asia - The region’s largest recognition platform for the experiential marketing and live entertainment industry will enter its 9th edition in 2017.

The longest running award platform also features the most robust judging process, with KPMG in India - Process Advisors and Evaluators for the WOW Awards on board.

In 2016, the organisation engaged as Process Advisors and Evaluators for the judging process of WOW Awards Asia. With the expertise that they brought on-board, the process was further fine-tuned to deliver a robust process that scientifically eliminates bias to the best extent possible.

Based on the success of 2016, the organisation has been signed on as Process Advisors and Evaluators for WOW Awards Asia’s 2017, 2018 and 2019 editions.

The WOW Awards Asia is one of the few recognition platforms with an end-to-end online process. Right from submitting entries, seeking client approvals to Jury members scoring the entries in two rounds, every aspect of the process is online.

Jury meet was a step eliminated after the 2015 edition owing to the global spread of jury members.

Karishma Hundalani, Jury Convenor - WOW Awards Asia commented: “After running WOW Awards’ judging process and being part of several other international award platforms as a consultant and a Jury member, two things were clear. 1. No Jury meet has all Jury members present. 2. Every Jury meet has one or two personalities that drive the perception of the group. Eliminating the physical jury meet and having the Jury members score the entries in their own space allows a very objective scoring by all Jury members. With KPMG in India - Process Advisors and Evaluators for the WOW Awards on-board the round one and two scoring parameters have been further tightened for the 2017 edition. While there is no perfect award platform in the world, we believe we have neared perfection over the nine years of WOW Awards Asia. That being said, we strive to constantly evolve the process and categories to keep up with the evolution of our industry and information technology available for such a process."

Here is all you want to know about the process and what makes WOW Awards Asia the most coveted recognition:

1. Jury Expertise

There are five category groups in WOW Awards Asia: Experiential Marketing, Business Events / MICE, Event Intellectual Properties, Experiential Management and Experiential Celebrations. Each group has its own Jury panel. The criteria to invite a jury member onto a category segment, is on the basis of:
1. His / Her expertise to judge the segment of awards
2. His / Her neutrality to the entrants of the segment of awards
In addition, a cross-section of jury members are appointed based on specific award category expertise, within segments. Also, geographic representation of the jury is taken into consideration, with 15-20% jury members bringing an international expertise.

2. Minimum Jury Evaluation per entry

A minimum three jury members must evaluate every entry in each round of WOW Awards Asia. This is done for several reasons:
- To eliminate any personal biases that may exist.
- To ensure varied expertise (industry, geography) are applied to each entry's evaluation. 
Further, in round 1, more than three jury members are assigned each entry, to ensure a buffer to meet the minimum requirements set.

3. Two-Rounds of Judging

KPMG in India - Process Advisors & Evaluators to the WOW Awards Asia independently tabulate the jury scores to determine the nominees/winners. Any disparities are taken to a group of 'consulting jury members' (senior-most jury members) to re-vet, and hence the shortlist is arrived at.

The second round of judging again ensures a minimum of three jury members evaluate each entry. Jury set of entries in Round 2, would consist of some entries the jury judged in Round 1 plus some entries not judged by them before. This process of showcasing entries to new jury members in Round 2, further eliminates any discrepancies.

4. Evaluation

While the awards process has followed a thorough and credible guideline since its initiation in 2007, consultation with KPMG in India – Process Advisors and Evaluators for this Award in the last two years have led to significant updates. 

All scores are submitted directly to their team. KPMG in India Process Advisors & Evaluators independently tabulate the jury scores to determine the nominees/winners.

Call for entries for WOW Awards Asia 2017 are open until 30th April 2017. More details here.  


Campaigns / projects executed between 1st April 2016 and 31st March 2017 are eligible to participate in WOW Awards Asia 2017. Know more about the process here.

After successfully working together in 2016, both parties have signed an agreement for three editions starting 2017.

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