Why Identifying the 'Right' Venue in Europe Is The First Step to Creating Fab Wedding Experiences!

Weddings | April 17, 2017 | Feature

The event venue is where all the extravagant decor, F&B experience and entertainment takes place. Therefore it goes without saying that choosing the most well-suited venue depending on the nature of the celebration is very crucial.

There are times that the client finalizes the venue before approaching a planner while many leave the responsibility of identifying the most apt venues on the wedding planner/agency. We gathered valuable insights from top destination wedding planners and spokespersons of world class venues in Europe. Read on to find out all they had to say!

According to Vandana Mohan, Director, The Wedding Design Company(WDC), comparing venues can be one of the most complicated jobs a wedding planner has to do, but it is also where they can provide the most value to their client!

Highlighting some important factors, she says, “Each venue you are considering will probably include different rental items, price their food and beverages differently and may figure tax, tip and service charges at different rates.Some clients already decide the venues they want to usebefore approaching us. In other cases, we suggest venues based on the client’s needs and availability of the venue, number of guests the venue can accommodate and any restrictions that we may have to work with.”

While, Aditya Motwane explains, “More often than not, the onus lies on the planner to access the feasibility of a venue with regards to the overall requirements of the event; we need to try our best to make it work, especially if the client is really attached to the idea of a particular venue or if other options are even less optimally suited. Eventually, the perfect spot becomes so by tweaking the event concept around till everything fits right.”

Gartenpalais Liechtenstein, a spectacular venue in Vienna and has also been host to some Indian wedding celebrations in the last few years.  What makes the venue an ideal choice is perhaps the fact that the palace is very near to the most exclusive hotels of Vienna and the inner city with its impressive sights.

Surrounded by a beautiful garden it offers an exclusive and private ambience for high class events and weddings. It is privately owned by one of the oldest noble families in Europe, the princely family of Liechtenstein. Selected masterpieces of the princely art collection, one of the most precious private collections in the world, are on display in the palace! Needless to say, a private visit of the collection will be a highlight and rare occasion for wedding guests.   

Speaking of the variety of services that a venue can offer to planners, Kathrin Siegert, Head of Event Management, Marketing & Graphic, Gartenpalais Liechtenstein explains, “We offer a professional team with many years of experience and enthusiasm to make each wedding special and unique. For many years we have been specialized in hosting exclusive events with very high demands for discretion and service.”

“We have first class contacts and are even happy to assist in finding suppliers. Nevertheless we give planners and clients the freedom to choose and bring their own partner companies for their events. We also have the flexibility to make individual concepts and creative ideas come to life,” she adds.

Spokespersons of some of the world's most stunning wedding venues as well as destination wedding experts talk about the importance of choosing the apt venue, how that aspect is so crucial and more!

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