Find Out Why a Destination Management Company is Most Crucial for a Successful Destination Wedding!

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Identifying the destination where one must host the wedding is definitely where it all begins. However, once that is done, it can be quite difficult to shortlist and finalize the right vendors/suppliers as well as the apt venues for each of the celebrations, especially in international locations and more so in Europe where one may have never executed an event before.

That is exactly where a Destination Management Company(DMC) steps in. We spoke to some of the top players of India in the international destination wedding arena and some DMC heads from Europe and here is what they had to say!

Your Partner in Crime & Your Partner in Success! That is how Aditya Motwane, Director, Motwane Entertainment and Weddings(MEW) views the role of a DMC. He says, “The DMC provides a local face to engage all concerned such as venues, vendors etc and also ensures smooth continuity of workflows. The difference between engaging a DMC and not doing so, is palpable. To connect with one is in the best interest of the client as well from a cost-benefit perspective.”

Frank Damgaard, Founder, Monte Carlo Weddings (a leading DMC in France) talks about the first Indian wedding he worked on and the highly demanding client who hosted 600 guests in Monte Carlo!

With over 10 Indian weddings under his belt he said, “After 7 days and a total of 18 hours of sleep, I was wondering why I was still smiling and asking for more. Perhaps it was for the Elephant we got walking around the Casino Square! We don’t have weddings as colorful and it's nice to see the attention families give to their guests.”

Elaborating on the key role of a DMC, he goes on to say, “A DMC’s main responsibility is toensure that everything is organized and that Indian suppliers get the assistance needed. Not to mention, keeping the budget to the client’s expectation and dealing with all matters during the days of the events. I feel an expert is important when it comes to dealing with local suppliers because there is naturally a big difference between Indian and western weddings and it is important that the locals understand this in order to execute their tasks to perfection on the day. Bringing a team of 75 cooks from India and having them work in a typical French 5 star kitchen with the locals can be a challenge!”

Speaking of another crucial part that a DMC plays in making the planning and executing process easier, Jaideep Venugopal explains, “Clients can rely on us entirely for negotiating the best prices from all types of suppliers. This I feel can take a lot of burden off the planner as well as the client.”

Agreeing, Bhavnesh Sawhney explains, “A DMC can also assist in talks and negotiations, which become especially important for Indian weddings that have varied needs. The suppliers are also identified through them, therefore making them more credible. While suppliers can be identified through one’s own research, the DMC usually suggests the best vendors therefore adding a sort of reference to their previous work thereby giving a clear picture of their caliber.”

Speaking on similar lines Vandana Mohan, Director, The Wedding Design Company(WDC) says, “In addition to providing local expertise, a DMC also acts as one key contact throughout the event planning process. Often, the DMC will also be able to leverage lower prices by using their large purchasing power to negotiate for preferential rates with local vendors and suppliers. In non-English speaking countries, a DMC may also help to overcome language barriers.”

Talking about his experience of working on the Jindal-Jasani wedding in Vienna, Stefan Heissel, Managing Director, Inspiria Event Service, a pioneering DMC in Vienna said, “It was one of the most exciting projects we have ever executed. Working together with such a huge team and people from all over the world was extremely satisfying; however, bringing them all together and executing the wedding, while being obliged to the laws of Austria, was probably the biggest of all challenges.”

Throwing light on how a DMC is instrumental to a wedding’s success, he says, “I think a DMC is indispensable. Indian weddings in particular, are not a common format. These are tailor-made, one-of-a kind events, which require the knowledge of venues and local partners. We know all venues in depth and know what is possible to do as well as what is not. Furthermore I would describe our role as a door opener. An Indian wedding is a new challenge, for most Austrian locations and suppliers; something they have probably never done before.

“Most importantly, I want to mention that as a DMC we are the quickest to react, when there are last minute requests. With more than fifteen years of experience, we know our local partners very well, and can easily find quick solutions,” added Heissel.

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Top Indian planners and Destination Management Companies(DMCs) from across Europe throw light on the subject.

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