"Being Original Is The Winning Formula" - Celebrated Event Designer Matteo Corvino, Venice

Weddings | April 14, 2017 | News

Matteo Corvino Studio Matteo Corvino Expert Speak

World renowned event designer, Matteo Corvino who is based in Venice highlights the differences between designing Indian wedding celebrations and western weddings and explains the importance of originality in design and how that is the winning formula for aspiring desigers.

The celebrated wedding guru has worked on multiple big fat Indian weddings, some in European destinations like Venice and Florence and one in the spectacular city of Udaipur.
Speaking of his experience, he says, "In my experience of designing Indian weddings and western weddings in Europe and other parts of the world, I have observed that Occidental Weddings are extremely traditional and domestic, consisting in a religious ceremony followed by a reception and it is really important to remain focused on traditions. The only event where a designer could be bring in some originality is the after-dinner."
"Indian weddings, on the contrary, are more original, eclectic and sumptuous. Made of various happenings, always with different themes, they are also different as they feature a cheerfulness of colours, perfumes and an incredible variety of food, many times from all over the world. Occidental celebrations are more on the lines of a 'black and white' movie," adds Corvino
Very recently, Matteo Corvino was involved in the designing of a Welcome Dinner of a wedding in Udaipur.

He explains, "The client's requests were very specific. Although being in India, a very international style Welcome Dinner had to be created. To realize this event I chose a location with less Indian connotations, building an ephemeral vintage world suspended on a hill, overlooking Fateh Sagar Lake. In this case, having to build everything from zero with specific technical solutions, I had the fortune of collaborating with an extremely professional Indian Society specialized in constructions and exhibitions setup rather than in weddings. With this serious and professional collaboration, step by step, I had the chance to obtain and realize the structures and decorations I imagined and tailor designed."
Coming to design trends, Matteo feels there are always design/decor trends that are in vogue for a certain period of time. He says, "For me the originality of any event is most fundamental. Every time I feel a trend in the air, which threatens to standardize all events, my 'rebel' instinct drives me to seek other solutions, to explore new ways. Personally I prefer to start a trend than follow one!"
He reiterates, "In my opinion the winning formula is originality and, above all, the impression of uniqueness. Wedding Designing has become a trending profession with a lot of new improvised planners. As a consequence, the majority of them copy or take inspirations from the others."
Corvino goes on to say, "The suggestion I give to young professionals, who have to start and establish themselves, is to start thinking about designing from their own viewpoint. You should think as if you are designing your own wedding, for which you would certainly like to create a unique and unforgettable experience for the person you love, giving it your maximum, astonishing him/her, with the best suppliers and not going for easy solutions. For instance, floral décor, if not realized by a genius of the art, could actually trivialize an important event. Therefore it is extremely important to get the right person for the right job."

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He highlights the differences between designing Indian wedding celebrations and western weddings and explains the importance of originality in design and how that is the winning formula for designers.

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