Laying the Foundation of a Revolution in the History of LIVE Events: Arjun Jain, White Fox India

Entertainment | April 14, 2017 | Interview

White Fox India Justin Bieber

It’s a tale as old as time itself. In a world dominated by veterans and kingpins, enters a young gun full of aspiration and enthusiasm. And while everyone is speculative about what the new guy can do, he hits it out of the park, achieving what was once considered unthinkable and over-ambitious. While most industry professionals in the landscape of Indian events were rejoicing in the fervour of EDM properties, the news of White Fox India bringing Justin Beiber to Mumbai suddenly made the headlines.

Now it wasn’t the first time that an international music icon was coming to India. But what made the news so big was firstly the magnitude of the concert (Read investment of USD 4 Million), and secondly, the fact that most people before February 14, 2017, were unaware of who White Fox India was.

Now we are not overlooking the fact that Arjun Jain- Director, White Fox India and his company must put up a stunner of a concert to prove what they are made of. But you have to meet Arjun and within a minute you will understand that he knows his game, and even though the Indian leg of the Purpose World Tour sounds like a massive deal, for Arjun (27), this is just the first step of a million-mile journey.

In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Arjun spilled the beans on the process of landing the Indian leg of Purpose World Tour, the business behind the concert and what one can expect from it.

Take us through the process of bagging the Purpose World Tour India organising rights. How difficult was the process and what are the challenges now?

This one has been a ride of a different sort. It will be the first time in history that a mainstream artist of this stature is making headway into the subcontinent. It’s very humbling to know a lot of people feel after Michael Jackson, this concert will be the next big thing to happen in India. It took us close to 6 months for the official handshake and to solidify the whole deal. I attended his concert in Monaco and thereafter met with him and his agent Scooter Braun and that’s when I decided that India needs to host such an artist.

The government has been very supportive and our venue has attained most of the required permissions barring 15-20 other permissions. However, I hope there comes a time when promoters can avail benefits of a single window system for all permissions and documentations. Our ticketing portal has efficiently and seamlessly handled the entire traffic. The bigger challenges will only crop up 15 days prior to the show but with a crew of more than 7000 personnel, I’m sure we will be able to overcome any obstacle.

Given that you are very young and the company White Fox India is also relatively new in the Indian event Industry, do you feel the pressure of executing this concert which is touted to be one of the biggest in recent times? 

Success comes with its share of uncertainty and age doesn’t define success. I believe entrepreneurs are those who to dare to dream and dare to risk it all for that one dream. We may have never executed a show as mammoth as Justin Bieber, but we definitely know we have the courage of steel to be big risk takers. We were under a great amount of pressure before the deal got sealed, but it finally happened, so I believe the universe knew how certain I was about my vision.

Success comes with its slice of stress and every challenge is a new beginning. The human race is so busy chasing the perfect idea of success and status that we rarely tend to appreciate what we have in hand. I often make it a point to thank my good fortune that I've chased a dream that will finally be realized on May 10 at just 27 years.

What was the kind of reaction you received from people when it was made official that White Fox India is bringing Justin Bieber to India?

For starters, my phone hasn’t stopped ringing ever since (Laughs). Jokes apart, I feel we have broken the whole notion that EDM is the way to go. A lot of people told me that they would skip key dance music festivals that happen throughout the year in the country to opt for a premium ticket for the Justin Bieber Purpose Tour. Key stakeholders in the business were aware of our initial discussions and hence some vital information was leaked before we made the actual announcement.

The members of the press have supported us massively and we are humbled with the positivity. In fact, some people even commented on how Justin Bieber Purpose Tour has got more eyeballs than Global Citizen that happened last year. We have encountered incidents of fans coming to our Delhi office and breaking down because of tickets not being available. We have celebrities calling us every second day to meet with Justin Bieber. The level of enthusiasm is hard to fathom.

Share with us the business behind the concert. How do you plan to make profits?

The Purpose Tour was a dream and not a business plan really. We are a bunch of young entrepreneurs who started Nine Capital and we worked really hard to establish ourselves. I'd say this is the fruit of our labor. We are not looking at merely breaking even but becoming category creators and laying the foundation of something so revolutionary that it will go down in the history of live events. The Purpose Tour in India has got the world eyeing India as a potential market and that by itself is a great achievement.

What is the kind of experience the audiences can expect from the festival?

At White Fox India, we always believe in focusing on quality rather than quantity. We believe in delivering a 360-degree experience that gives us an edge over others where the common man looks forward to every White Fox-produced event. We don’t want to be a run-off-the-mill kind of a brand. Promoters in India forget that the consumers may pay a hefty price for a ticket because they want to watch their favorite artist or band live, but what they take back home is an experience. And, to ensure that the customer becomes a repeated loyalist, the promoters need to justify the ticket price with an overall experience.

At the Purpose Tour show in India, we are creating a mini version of The Grub Fest, one of the most successful F&B IPs in the country. The attendees will have access to multi cuisine restaurant pop-ups and renowned food brands to choose from, from across India, exhibiting at the fest. Gourmet apart, we will have water ports, air conditioned mini bars, luxury restrooms and immaculate butler service. The venue will be well planned and spaced out for all zones. We will have shuttle services to and fro from the city to avoid any traffic congestion as far as possible.

There will be tagged buses to transfer attendees from the parking lot to the stadium. Since the majority of the crowd is going to be relatively younger we don’t want parents getting worried so security is key to the show and we will not compromise on it. The whole production of the show will be massive in every sense.

Ever since the concert has been announced, all eyes are on White Fox India and people are wondering what will the company be doing after the Justin Bieber Concert. Do you have an answer for them? 

We are aiming to not just take India by storm, but the world is our playground. White Fox India is not a start-up in the event business. We have nurtured the brand over 5 years, garnered experience and patronage to get where we are today. Our portfolio comprises shows by some of the biggest international music artists that have performed in our country, like David Guetta, Hardwell, Tiesto, Above & Beyond, Axwell, and Steve Aoki, to name a few.

Our honest and humble aspiration is to bring about a revolution in the live event space be it music, sports or hospitality. Most promoters keep talking about how India is on the world map but to truly arrive one must present larger than life opportunities.

It's been a while since a Class A female act has visited the sub-continent and I'd love to consider a Rihanna or Adele. Apart from that, I’m huge fan of hip-hop and since I’ve studied and traveled in the West I’ve just realized that hip hop as a culture is a very underground concept in India and it would be nice to someday explore a hip hop festival.

My partners, Mani Singh Cheema and Aman Kumar are also looking at expanding in the global film production, brand management, and hospitality business apart from sports where we have stakes in mixed martial arts and poker already. Overall, we want to contribute 35% to the event and entertainment business going forward. That's the bigger picture.

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In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS, Arjun spilled the beans on the process of landing the Indian leg of Purpose World Tour, the business behind the concert and what one can expect from it.

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