InitLive: The Ultimate Staff Management Technology at Events

Industry Watch | April 12, 2017 | News

One of the biggest challenges for event planners managing events of a gigantic magnitude is keeping a check on their staff. While most planners in the country continue to have unwavering faith in keeping a tap on event staff through phone calls and walkie-talkie devices, time has evolved and newer tech solutions have been developed to facilitate a smoother staff & volunteer management system at events. Mobile applications like Hike and Whatsapp have without a doubt made the lives of event managers much easier, but the restricted functions of these apps leave a lot to be desired.

The panacea of such a predicament is - InitLive, a mobile tool that is designed to improve onsite communication between the event managers, staff, and volunteers during a live event. InitLive provides simple scheduling software and a volunteer database to recruit, track and manage sign-ups. The staff and volunteer management software ensure that an event is set up properly ahead of time to increase efficiency and adaptability on event day.

We reached out to Alyssa Lancefield - Sales Director, InitLive Inc. to dig deep into the features of the technology and how it can benefit event planners in the country.

How does InitLive Work?

Event managers can begin the use InitLive by building their event from scratch. They can feed the event details, roles and descriptions for the staff at events, create event schedules and decide shifts, and generate a recruitment list or add an excel staff list and ask your volunteers to sign up for the responsibilities they want to take up.

By using InitLive event planners can receive real-time updates on the percentage of staff checked-in for your event and always know the location of your staff and volunteers. The tool is high to data analytics as well as it allows managers to gather information recorded during the event such as track hours worked, copy information from previous events to quickly create a recurring event and more.



•  Filter master schedule (by venue and location)

•  Preview schedule in list view and calendar view

•  Color code shifts

•  Make changes on the fly to your schedule on event day

•  Handle no-shows by using our 'best matches' function


•  Established chain of command based on Managers, Supervisors, and staff

•  Target messages based on a custom filtered set (including venue location, role, schedule time, check-in status, etc.)

•  Push-Notifications through the mobile app will automatically be sent as an SMS text message if the end user does not have the app installed at no extra cost.

•  Automated shift-reminders via push notifications and email

Organization Management

•  Create unlimited amount of organizations

•  Custom branding of your volunteer portal

Data and Reporting

•  Import staff and volunteer lists into the software (excel and CSV)

•  Generate multiple reports in excel/CSV format (including schedule shortages, user activity, user profiles, hours worked, etc.)


Alyssa elucidates that the price of InitLive depends upon the number of staff and volunteers the event managers wants to communicate and supervise through the technology. For a small event team up to 100 users, the mobile tool is available for as low as USD 299.

The article first appeared in the Jan-March issue of Experiential Marketing Magazine (ExM). To read the magazine click here.

We reach out to Alyssa Lancefield, Sales Director, InitLive Inc. to dig deep into the features of the technology and how it can benefit event planners in the country.

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