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Move Beyond Selfies, Try Selfie 2.0 For Your Next Event!

Industry Watch | April 4, 2017 | Feature

Every once in a while comes a trend that revolutionizes the engagement quotient at events. The Dubsmash wave soared high for quite a while, Drones enjoyed massive popularity, and then came Selfies (The art of self-portraiture) and became a massive dominating force at events.

If you have been out to any event in the past two years you would have noticed by now that there is always a ‘Selfie Booth’ at events. Be it a corporate meet, a wedding, large-scale festival or even a small birthday party. The frenzy created by ‘Selfies’ around the globe has been gigantic. So much so, that in 2015 it was reported that over 24 billion selfies were uploaded on Google. Also, who can forget Bradley Cooper’s Oscar selfie become Twitter’s most retweeted post of all time?

Yes, the Selfie trend has been global and hence, for quite some time now, it has become the universal answer of every event manager when asked- How will you engage the attendees?

But like most over-used engagement tactics, audiences quickly catch-up and what was once exciting, becomes mundane and avoidable! Enter next level 'Selfie' trend, Selfie 2.0.

To put it in more simple words, Selfie 2.0 is when the engagement quotient is drastically elevated, by including a new technology, set-up or interactive concept, linked to clicking 'Selfies'. Here are 4 inspirational ways you can try Selfies 2.0 at your next event.

Create an Engaging Setup- Audiences need an extra dose of engagement or push to walk that distance. If event managers created a beauty lounge or makeover setup as a precursor, the attendees are guaranteed to have their new looks flaunted. Very recently, brand Colgate created an Optic White Beauty Bar ahead of the Golden Globes in Los Angles and it was a massive success.

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Talking about the concept, Akshay Chawla- Founder & MD, Think XQ says, "The core objective for any brand always is to amplify an event through the medium of photos and that's also one of the reasons why 'Selfies' became such a massive trend. The conventional selfie booths are easy, cheap and ROI on them is quite high which is why we see them everywhere. However, the truth at the end of the day is that selfie photobooths are done to death and clients who have already done it are looking for more innovations now. The social wall at the Clarke Quay Market in Singapore is inspirational in this sense. How that works is that photos of customers are splashed on the giant LED wall in the market to make the entire shopping experience more immersive. The same concept can also be used it exhibitions and events today to make the concept of selfies more inviting."

Make Things Competitive- Selfie Competitions are also very popular these days at events. The process involves event managers providing event audiences some whacky, crazy and innovative setups alongside a staff to help assist them in capturing the perfect selfie. The audiences with the best selfie at the end of the event win a prize. The smartphone brand Samsung wanted to show off the Samsung Galaxy S5 and its water resistance. So they created an experiential campaign in Switzerland with underwater selfies and it worked wonders. 

Drone Selfies- For large scale festivals drone selfies are definitely the next big trend. The idea here is that instead of a photo booth or setup, you have drone movement regulators distributed to audiences so they can take drone selfies whenever and however they want to. Added effects like slow motion videos, Gifs, Boomerangs can also be created to enhance the fun. Recently it was reported that the Australian Open is set to have a Fan Cam that will allow spectators to take control of a camera inside the stadium.

Amit Relan-Founder & Director, WOOT Factor says, "The Selfie booth formula always works at event but yes for large scale events more newness is required. Newer concepts and technologies should come into play to make the concept more appealing for audiences. However, for these innovations to happen the budget and bandwidth for brands should also increase accordingly."

Merge Technologies- Just think of it, what if you merged the trend of Selfies with the surreal world of Augmented Reality? Or used Projection Mapping to create a never seen before selfie backdrop. The results of merging technologies for selfies are bound to be a crowd-pleaser.

So, what are you waiting for? Try Selfie 2.0 at your next event and share the engagement info graphs with us. 

Every once in a while, comes a trend that revolutionizes the engagement quotient at events.

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