How A $30 Million Event Brought In Billions Of Dollars In Profits!

Industry Watch | April 3, 2017 | Guest Article

Is an events company just a company that takes care of logistics, sound systems and stage design? Is it just someone who brings in entertainers and motivational speakers? Or is an event meant to create a spark that inspires a revolution? Is an event meant to change history and the destiny of millions of people?

Yogesh Chabria, a world-renowned business strategist, motivational speaker and authority on success shares his valuable insights with EVENTFAQS in this exclusive feature.

I looked at the sea of over 1000 people who had gathered for a sales seminar celebrating top performers in the company. Before coming on board, I had insisted that all the participants should be able to come with their families so that they get fully involved and immerse themselves completely in the two-day experience.

At the end of the event after people had experienced amazing breakthroughs, the Director of the event company that had organized the event came and thanked me.

He told me how happy his clients were with the seminar and that they had in fact hired his company to organize 12 more events through the course of the year. I smiled and humbly replied that he was giving me too much credit and it was perhaps one of the true stories I had shared during the seminar that might have triggered this incredible outcome and made the company realize the importance of investing in such Events.

I would love to share the same story with you and hope it benefits you and your company.

The year was 2008, when the world was facing a deep economic crisis and businesses worth billions of dollars were going bust overnight. During this seemingly dark, difficult period, one company stood up to the challenge like no other and put the money where its mouth was. It decided to invest $30 million dollars for an event for its employees.

Yes, they got 10,000 of their employees for a Leadership Summit aimed at inspiring and motivating them. It was designed to instill the values of success and achievement in them.

They did this even though they were facing a financially challenging market. They did this even though the competition was heating up. They did this even though margins were falling and they were losing money. They did this because they knew the power of investing in their own people.

They knew the power of investing in experiences that have the power to change history.

Do you know what the impact and result was of this one event?

It became the spark that changed the fortunes of this company. The event was like a breath of fresh air for the employees that rejuvenated and inspired them. They started behaving differently and began thinking like winners. This got reflected in how they interacted with the customers. Sales went up, profits jumped and this led to an increase in the share price of this company. They were soon able to dominate over their competitors.

Today that one investment of $ 30 million was the seed that lead to a complete turnaround in the company and got them billions of dollars, enabling them to open thousands of new stores all over the world.

Any guesses which company I am talking about? You probably have had their coffee recently.

It is a company I love personally - Starbucks. This happened under the leadership of Howard Schultz, a great guy and a visionary.  He realized the power of one event.

Throughout history, all it has taken is one event to change the course of mankind. The greatest battles are won because one military leader inspires confidence at a single event. Winston Churchill was able to inspire his people to fight and to not give up at a massive rally during World War II. This one event was the reason they were able to win against Hitler.

Countries got independence because a statesman made one speech that changed the way people thought. Mahatma Gandhi’s call for freedom and independence rallied 350 million people to fight against the British Empire using non-violence. His ideas and events were innovative where he even told people to go out and make salt as a way to protest against the British.

Martin Luther King inspired generations to fight against discrimination by inspiring them with a single speech where he spoke about his dream of a world where people of all castes, colours and religions unite and live together.

Companies have changed their fortunes because of one single event. Think about Steve Jobs launching the first iPhone or Mac - these were all historic events that went on to create a massive revolution.  

Our life too is remembered as a series of events. As an events professional, the next time someone asks you what you do, tell them you are responsible for creating history, and then ask for $30 million for creating an unforgettable event!

I would love to hear your views on the most memorable event you have created or been a part of. Feel free to write to me at or connect on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Yogesh Chabria is a world-renowned leader in the field of human potential. He is a #1 bestselling author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and founder of The Happionaire Way. His seminars, books, articles and video programs have influenced people from over 100 countries. It is his vision to have a world filled with happionaires. To be a part of this vision, visit:

Yogesh Chabria, a world-renowned business strategist, motivational speaker and authority on success shares his valuable insights with EVENTFAQS in this exclusive feature.

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