BrandAid Events Gets Usha Uthup to Wow Over 3000 Infosys BPO Employees

Marketing | March 30, 2017 | News in Brief

Infosys BrandAid Events Usha Uthup

Sambhrama is Infosys BPO’s annual day event, which first took place in 2002. It is celebrated across all 7 of their India locations, and provides an opportunity to employees to showcase their talent and skills. Infosys BPO turned to BrandAid Events to create an unforgettable experience for the event which took place in Pune on March 18.

The highlight of every Sambhrama is the celebrity artist. This year BrandAid Events arranged for legendary Indian Pop and Jazz sensation Usha Uthup to wow the packed venue of over 3000 employees with her unmistakable and breathtaking voice.

The agency was also responsible for a month-long pre-event campaign which included sports and cultural competitions, where the days leading up the big day were a gala extravaganza. Sambhrama is also a time when the top performers of the Delivery Centre are recognized, and are invited with their families to participate in the festivities.

The event, Sambhrama, is Infosys BPO’s annual day event held at all their offices. This event took place in Pune on March 18.

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