MEW Delivers Yet Another Lavish Private Celebration, This Time at Nurai Island, Abu Dhabi!

Weddings | March 6, 2017 | News

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Planning & Management: Motwane Entertainment & Weddings

Décor: Cherry On Top, Dubai

Videography & Photography: Vikram Kacher Photography, Dubai

The hosts, Shayan and Shazreh Rahman are the toast of the high-flying circuit of Singapore, London and Bangladesh. The charismatic industrial magnate and his incredibly-charming better half are well-known among friends and business associates alike for their fab taste quotient. In fact, they have mastered the art of hosting the best-planned parties, lush with hospitality and the fineness of experiences for all those privileged to be in their uber-select guest-list. No wonder then, their 10th anniversary bash was something clearly out of the ordinary.  

What made it most special indeed was the intimate touches – the couple’s 4 beautiful children reveling in every moment with their parents and guests, an elaborate 5-tier cake crafted and displayed like a chandelier, the exquisite yet quirky giveaways, masseurs soothing senses, cycles and golf-buggies to ferry guests across the property, near-perfect attention to individual guest needs by a well-groomed and well-trained crew – the list can go on!

An extremely vibrant and closely-knit bunch of 70 friends and loved ones from all over the world descended on to Zaya Nurai, the uber-luxe 7-star private island resort in Abu Dhabi, frequented by jetsetters from all over the world. There could not be a more bespoke setting for this 2-day revelry than the all-villa property of Zaya Nurai, the brainchild of the trend-setting and chic Nadya Zal, with a royal lineage to boot.

All 4 events, spread across 2 days, were hosted at smashingly welcoming outdoor venues spread across the island:

Guests arrived to a rambunctious Welcome Lunch at the property’s waterfront “Hook’ – and the party just never stopped. The tinkling of champagne flutes sailed through the refreshing island air and echoed in the emerald green waters - how was one to resist its charms?

The same night, the slickness of the best party-spots in the world came alive in an Estate Villa set on the beach where the guests converged in all their designer gear to create a madness that was infectious and raging till early morning! 

The celebrations then took on a fun beach avatar the next day, with water sports, kids activities, spontaneous fun acts et al - and the perfectly gorgeous waters lent their wayward charms.

The finale night saw a gala reception, most artfuly put together in look-and-feel under the stars.  The dazzling Kanika Kapoor conjured up a high-energy performance that rocked and how. The beauteous sunrise and the lure of scrumptious breakfast stoked the fires alive among all guests who were clearly bowled over by all this magic and craved endlessly for it!

Live bands, DJs, synchronized swimmers in the pool, zorba rollers, fire-acts, belly dancers, hookah hot-spots  - every moment was marked with a potent mix of elegance and youthful insanity. 

Food and Beverage design was top-notch and brilliantly put together by Zaya Nurai, supplemented with a touch of royal Indian by Foodlinks; and the Décor was a refreshing breath of fresh air with breathtaking attention to detail that was luminous in its effortlessness.

Clearly, the bar just got set way upwards unequivocally in terms of how a celebration should be mounted.  Celebrity attendees such as Manish Malhotra and Kajal Fabiani (who are very close to the couple) were wowed and could not stop gushing praises about the exquisiteness of the detailing. 

We hear that no one quite does it like the Rahmans - Shayan & Shazreh - with the right-out-there ‘je ne sais quoi’ (a quality that cannot be described or named easily) quality of their vision and a savor faire that’s worthy of a crown!

The 2-day celebration took place at Zaya Nurai, an uber-luxe 7-star private island resort in Abu Dhabi, frequented by jet-setters from all over the world.

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