Acquires Audio Mixing Console DiGiCo SD5

Industry Watch | March 3, 2017 | News has just acquired a new console, the DigiCo SD5, the best audio mixing console to hit Indian shores according to industry stalwarts

The SD5's 37 faders are laid out in three convenient banks of 12 with one master fader with the added benefit of three 15-inch full colour TFT touch screens for even quicker access and multi-user applications. In addition, there are two interactive dynamic metering displays (IDMs) as used in the SD7.

On his decision to go with the SD5, Warren D’Souza, Managing Director, said, “For me it was a simple decision on choice as there wasn't any other console actually on my purchase radar. It is the most rider acceptable console globally and with StealthCore2’s exceptional processing horsepower increasing SD5’s channel count to 243 inputs, 124 Aux/SubGroups & 24X24 Matrix to begin with. It was literally investing in a SD7 without a dual engine and a far better control surface. Also with DiGiCo and Waves commitment & partnership in developing better products & DiGiGrid interfaces this was an obvious futuristic choice. It's not a secret that DiGiCo is globally all top touring engineers' number one choice.”

The centrally located master screen has been incorporated into the worksurface meterbridge design to provide a lower profile meter bridge and allow for complete user feedback; this means the engineer never needs to move far from mix position: there is clear visibility of everyone on stage, and all control is less than an arm's length away.

On the adaptability of the console to different kinds of events, D’Souza added, “This console also doesn’t bear any genre specific tag from concerts, televised events, sporting and global spectaculars and is the only desk according to me that can we wired to any end of the snake cable. Be it FOH, Monitors or Broadcast. Its just a decision!”

Elaborating on how plans to use the console together with others in its stable, D’Souza says, “We also have a tried and tested SD10 (that we recently also upgraded to SteathCore2 + Optics). We also had in the past many productions the need for two DiGiCo consoles as well as a greater need for higher buss count and inputs channels, especially on our top tier productions. Our reasons then to work with DiGiCo and invest in their products was furthermore an obvious choice. Personally to me it just sounds amazing and with the 192 Khz SD Rack on a HMA Connector to the SD5 surface and engine. The sound I would reiterate is simply stunning.”

The new DiGiCo SD5 will be used in several upcoming concerts and events, more details of which will soon follow.

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