Evenflow Experiences Manages Virtual Launch of Ujjivan Bank Across 5 Locations

Marketing | February 13, 2017 | News

Evenflow Events and Experiences Ujjivan Bank

The third largest micro-financing entity in India, Ujjivan Financial Services recently transformed into Ujjivan Small Finance Bank by opening five branches across Bengaluru. Evenflow Experiences was roped in to manage the virtual launch that happened simultaneously across five locations.

Incorporating technology and installations in the decor, the event spoke volumes about Ujjivan’s launch into the world of digital banking at the same time keeping its values rooted.

The two-day event began on Feb 6, 2017 at ITC Gardenia and started with a press meet followed by the launch in the evening. Dignitaries from the Reserve Bank of India and Managing Directors and officials of well-known banks attended the launch, with the Guest of Honour being Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate and Founder of Grameen Bank.

The highlight of the event was the portrayal of Ujjivan’s digital transformation through an interactive dance by one of India’s leading dance companies, Natya Stem. The day ended with a performance by Muthu Kumar and ideas for the future being discussed over dinner and cocktails.

The second day of the event was all about the employees as they celebrated the feeling of being a proud part of Ujjivan. Carrying forward the emotion, the event started with a short film explaining the core idea behind Ujjivan Small Financial Bank, followed by an internal dance performance.

The evening ended with words of encouragement from the senior management at Ujjivan and felicitation of the chief guests. Vipul Ganatra, Founder and Director, Evenflow Experiences said, “Samit Ghosh is one of the most inspiring people to work with. The event was huge not only on the scale it was operated on but also because it was exciting to see how creative elements merge with technology to create something extraordinary.”

Evenflow Experiences was roped in to manage the virtual launch simultaneously across five locations.

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