Projecting Monies on Tours or Festivals Looks Beneficial: Ramesh Chauhan, CMD, Bisleri

Industry Watch | January 20, 2017 | Interview


In this exclusive interview with EVENTFAQS, we ask Ramesh Chauhan, CMD, Bisleri to predict ExM trends for 2017 and talk about the way forward for brands. Read on to know what he has to say about using digital in combination with onground, brand investments in IPs and more.

Takeaway for Marketers in India based on Trends Seen in 2016

India is going Digital! With our PM’s recent campaign 'Digital India' initiated last year, we can witness the change and are slowly reaching out to the width and breadth of India with the help of Internet.

Today it goes unsaid that it is important for any brand to make its presence felt on Digital mediums. ORM (Online Relationship Management) is not a protocol to be followed only by FMCGs, but also by celebrities, bloggers and influencers who have taken this game to another level, and are speaking to their fans and followers on a regular basis to influence their spending and buying methods.

Mobile as a medium has evolved to an extent that various studies and research prove that gradually masses are consuming major content online via their cell phones. With more and more smart phones being marketed in our country, people are active on the go and hence they are receptive to ads and brand messages.

BTL activities must be engaging and interactive. A mere stand-alone event doesn’t work anymore. Any on-ground activation or association needs to interactive in terms of getting your audience involved in the execution, talking to them and sharing on the spot gratification. Media and brand managers invest crores of money every year into multiple properties suiting their TG whereas they underestimate the fact that involving them is of utmost importance.

Anticipated Trends for the Year 2017

With zillions of advertising campaigns executed online by various genres of brands, “People share stories and not products.” The most viral content online is the one that touches the emotions of the masses and not just talks about the product. Indians are adapting western culture at the speed of light; however, their roots are still grounded, hence touching those roots via emotions creates a strong impact in their minds.

Music Industry as a genre has increased touch base with the younger generation of India. It’s a known fact that Bollywood is one of the biggest religions of India. However the new set of playback and rap singers and their tours worldwide has created a strong taste of Music across India, infact worldwide. Projecting monies on such tours or festivals looks beneficial. Various international artists are coming to perform in India as seen in this year and more and more people are ready to spend money to watch their favorite bands perform live.

Similarly, Food festivals will be on the upswing with offbeat restaurants and the food truck concept settling in the market, thus giving F&B brands the opportunity to provide samples and engage audiences on ground

On time gratification for BTL media looks like a promising solution to break the clutter make the brand a talk point among people.

Relevance of Experiential Marketing Seen in the Year and Predictions for 2017

Simplicity is the key. Complex stuff doesn’t always work! Simple contests, shorter lead forms and hassle free transactions etc. work in this digital age.  As mentioned earlier, FMCG remains the most dominant sector in terms of Experiential marketing expenditures.

Over the years’ marketers and brand managers have tried and tested multiple innovations on print and offline; however exploring more on the go touch points like Airports, Metros and Railways is the rage. Likewise, Budgets for experiential marketing will increase exponentially because of its engagement getting linked to social media.

In an exclusive interview with EVENTFAQS, Ramesh Chauhan, CMD, Bisleri predicts ExM trends for 2017 and the way forward for brands.

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