India Bike Week 2017 Will be the Party of the Year — Martin da Costa, CEO & Founder, Seventy EMG

Business Events | January 11, 2017 | News

Seventy EMG India Bike Week

2017 is the 5th Year of the India Bike Week, an Event Intellectual Property by Fox Life and Seventy EMG, which over the years has established itself as a Mecca for Bike enthusiasts across the country. In its 5th edition the property custodians are introducing the ‘Iconic 5’ Rides which will include 5 incredible journeys spread throughout the year culminating in the colossal India Bike Week Festival at Goa in November 2017.

In an exclusive conversation with EVENTFAQS Media, Martin Da Costa, CEO & Founder, Seventy EMG spills the beans on the profitability aspect of the property, the additions to the property and so much more!

The year 2017 will see the 5th edition of the India Bike Week. What has been the response of the audience to the festival so far and how has the property grown over the years?

India Bike Week has grown to become the most important, and certainly the largest annual Biking event in India. We’ve seen a steady 30% increase in attendance each year, and sponsors and exhibitors have partnered with us in growing numbers. It was particularly gratifying in 2015 to see brands like Harley Davidson and Ducati choose IBW over the Delhi Auto Show as the place to launch new bikes and showcase their range. With our partners at Fox Life, we’ve obviously created a very important IPR.

This time the festival seems to be in a travelling format. What led to this change?

The festival is not quite a traveling format. 70 EMG and Fox Life have decided to move the Festival in Goa to the 3rd weekend of November 2017. This was partly to highlight the start of each year’s biking season, but mainly so that we could launch our ‘Iconic 5’ brand of national rides and events celebrating the 5 Year Anniversary of the Festival. The Iconic 5 will be the most important 5 Rides of the year - in 2017 to Yercaud in Tamil Nadu, Pench in Madhya Pradesh, Jodhpur in Rajasthan, Cherrapunji in Meghalaya, and finally the Great Migration to IBW Goa.

Comment on the profitability aspect of the property.

India Bike Week became a profitable IPR in its 2014 addition. We will be looking to build on both sponsorship and exhibitor revenue in 2017, and will be working on digital platforms, and with hospitality and ticketing packages to maintain the 30% annual increment in participation. 

What new experiences can fans expect from the festival this time around?

It’s still a bit early to say, outside of the very exciting Iconic 5 series of events and rides, but we will be spending the next year dreaming up content that will celebrate the 5th Year of India Bike Week.

Which brands have been locked in for the festival so far? How will these be engaging audiences on-ground?

We have existing and very positive relationships with partner brands and sponsors who have used the festival to sell products, engage with existing and potential customers and push brand values. There will be several new Motorbike brands adding to the 2017 IBW, and of course we will be marketing the Iconic 5 series as a separate IP to clients.

If you were to define the upcoming edition of India Bike Week in just one line. What would you say?

5 iconic rides and 5 amazing years come together at the 2017 India Bike Week, it’ll be the party of the year.

Martin da Costa, CEO & Founder of Seventy EMG spills the beans on the profitability aspect of India Bike Week, the additions to the property and so much more!

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