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Adios 2016: 2 Agency Heads Share Their Biggest Learnings & Favourite ExM Campaigns of 2016

Industry Watch | December 20, 2016 | News

ThinkXQ WOOT Factor

The onus of creating a clutter-breaking campaign mainly lies on an event agency that has been trusted by the brand to meet its objectives. If the agency fails at the conceptualization or execution level, it can lead to disastrous consequences for the brand. However, the year 2016 saw event agencies bringing their ‘A’ game to the job and creating events and experiences that will be remembered for a long time to come.

Be it brand launches, live entertainment, activations or MICE, event agencies truly elevated the event standards in the industry as a result of their stupendous work this year. In this exclusive feature, we reach out to Akshay Chawla, Founder and MD, ThinkXQ Events and Amit Relan, Co-Producer, Woot Factor to talk about their biggest learnings of the year and their favourite brand campaigns.

Learnings from the Domain of Experiential from 2016

Akshay Chawla remarks, “In 2016 we witnessed the major shift that has taken place in the events domain  of the country. Be it small or large scale events, corporate events or brand activations, digital and social media have made their way into all of them. Any event today is no longer restricted to the 4 walls surrounding it, with social media amplification today every event has to have a digital presence. The content of the event also has to be curated in a manner that it increases the overall ‘shareability’ quotient of the event.”

Amit Relan shares his stance on the subject, saying, “I too agree, 2016 has showed us that there is longer any room for quick shot events. Events today are judged on the parameters of not just their execution but also on the basis of visibility that they create online and the impressions they generate. Marriage between on-ground and social media is the present and it’s the future also.”

How Can Agencies be Better Prepared in 2017

Speaking on the subject, Chawla added, “Technology is no longer the edge in events and definitely more innovation in terms of social and digital integration at your event is the future.”

Amit Relan responds, “In 2016, there have been landmark changes in the economy that will directly impact the industry and the way brands function and allocate their marketing spends. I see that in 2017, more of technology entering into the events and space and that too in a cost-effective manner.”

Favourite Campaign from the Year

Chawla commented, “Global Citizen India has to be my favourite experiential initiative of the year. Not only was the event an example of exemplary execution, but it also showed how India is now open to such global platforms.”

Amit Relan remarks, “Without a doubt it has been a fabulous year for the industry and we have seen some of the best works this year. However, my favourite campaigns from the year are the Launch of Jio, Vivo and its on-ground initiatives and the post-demonetization campaign by PayTM which has taught all of us how crucial correct timing is for a knockout brand campaign.”

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We reach out to Akshay Chawla, Founder and MD, ThinkXQ Events and Amit Relan, Director, Woot Factor to talk about their biggest learnings of the year and their favourite brand campaigns.

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