Rolls Royce Flaunts Dawn and Ghost with Art Installations by Sudarshan Shetty

Marketing | December 9, 2016 | News

The Think Tank Entertainment Rolls Royce Sudarshan Shetty The Think Tank Entertainment

Rolls Royce hosted an art installation with Sudarshan Shetty at BKC Maker Maxity from November 18 to 22. The Think Tank Entertainment was assigned to set up the venue and put up a spectacular show to flaunt the installations and the two cars, the beautiful Dawn and the exquisite Ghost at the event.

The five-day-long event began with the influx of the media on November 18. Sudarshan Shetty and his magnificent installations grabbed the undivided attention of one and all present. This was a day with much social interaction between the media and the artist over a long lunch at LIMA.

The entrance to the venue was through a walkway with a registration desk and hostess to guide the visitors through the venue. Rolls Royce displayed their ultimate performance-inspired car, Dawn and Ghost, to welcome each guest with elegance.

While the guests took their time to admire the first installation, the second one was not too far away. Each installation stood tall, creating a striking impression. Also setup was an arena with a bar and cocktail tables for the guests. A saxophonist mesmerized the audience with her tunes, while an instant photographer captured shots of the guests with the installations and the cars. They were inserted in customized Rolls Royce photo jackets and handed to them as souvenirs.

Coming to the décor, the lighting at the venue was minimalistic and came from tastefully placed lamps. The creative atmosphere boosted the agency to experiment with the décor, which also included candles inserted in a chai in typical Mumbai style. To add to the ambience, diffusers with aroma oil were also used.

In Shetty’s work, A Song A Story, the action unfolds across two screens. Each screen is set in a different setting – a village and a riverbank. The settings have the same structures but two different stories, anchored by two hand-carved wooden installations, in two different locations, with two protagonist, Shetty aimed to create an intense communicative network.

These films were played, simultaneously, using two different projectors. The AV rom was set up in a way so that one sound system would suffice for both the projectors, showing two different movies. The same music funded both the videos, depicting the story behind the installations. They are mutually inclusive; they only work together. “This is essential to the way we look at the world, without making binaries. The world exists in dualities, in multiples,” Shetty remarked.

Deepanshu Narang, Business Development Manager, The Think Tank Entertainment, gushes about his experience as Project Head, “It was an honour working with an all-time esteemed luxury car brand, Rolls-Royce. To add another feather to our hat, Sudarshan Shetty, a well renowned artist , also displayed his art at this do. It was a 5-day-long event but the end result was worth all the efforts that we invested. This was a magnificent experience with the perfect example of how art and technology can merge to produce a glorious result. This would not have been possible without the support of the whole team.”

In a five-day event conceptualised and managed by The Think Tank Entertainment, the two cars were displayed to guests in a luxurious experience marked by minimalistic decor.

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