DynaMix Media Joins as PRG Alliance’s Newest Member in India

Industry Watch | November 25, 2016 | News

DynaMix Media Suresh Madan PRG Alliance

In the latest development, DynaMix Media has joined premier global network PRG Alliance as their partner for delivering production technology at events in India as well as in the region. DynaMix Media, led by Suresh Madan, brings to PRG Alliance its vast understanding of video playback and networking systems, and its one-stop rental shop and services across India – offering complete services in video, audio, lighting, trussing, project management and content design. Companies part of PRG partner to provide access to the best in event production technology, service and expertise worldwide.

While this announcement has just been made official, it was in the pipeline for a while, and DynaMix as a member of PRG has already begun work on a few projects, which will be announced soon.

Commenting on this development, Suresh Madan, Founder & CTO, DynaMix Media said, "PRG, the world’s leading provider of entertainment and event technology solutions and DynaMix Media, India’s premier equipment rental company are natural partners. This partnership opens new exciting opportunities for both. Being a part of the PRG Alliance gives us access to the world’s largest pool of production technology equipment and the experience of delivering the biggest and most complex events. Building on the common lineage of high quality and robust delivery, we are already jointly working on a few projects which we will soon announce.”

It is not at all surprising that DynaMix Media would be PRG’s partner in the region, as it is already recognized in India for its remarkable contribution to events and entertainment, having introduced the 270 degrees projection format to corporate presentations, and the first 300’ wide projection to the local market. Awarded as the “Best Video Rental Company” by Palm Sound & Light Awards 2014, the company also has a growing number of immersive projection and projection mapping jobs under its belt.

“We believe DynaMix Media is the best partner for PRG Alliance. When our clients go to India they need a reliable supplier, and DynaMix Media’s credentials and reputation is impeccable,” added Tom van Hemelryck, Director, PRG Alliance.

PRG Alliance was formed with a singular purpose in mind - to provide global clients consistent production support anywhere in the world. Today the ever-growing PRG Alliance is made up of 17 companies worldwide, representing an unprecedented event production knowledge base with physical representation in major destinations around the world.

Further elaborating on how being a part of the Alliance will allow DynaMix to realise its vision, Madan said, “Our position in the Indian market is not only that of a company capable of delivering complex audio-visual projects, but also one which is attentive to international standards in processes and safety. It is a constant effort for us to implement these aspects in projects in India, but slowly the clients are accepting this is the right path. We know that PRG Alliance has the same principles and tapping into this great resource and knowledge pool will be very beneficial for our company.

PRG is present in countries including Brazil, Italy, Korea, Hungary, Greece, the UAE, Romania, Singapore, among others.

As a member of the global network, DynaMix Media will deliver production technology at events in India as well as in the region, with a few projects already in the pipeline.

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