Wizcraft MIME Launches Specialised Courses in Event Management

Industry Watch | November 21, 2016 | News

Wizcraft Entertainment Sabbas Joseph Wizcraft MIME

Wizcraft MIME (Wizcraft Management Institute of Media and Entertainment) is an education initiative that has been launched with a perspective to train potential talent with requisite skills. The objective of the platform is to foster industry talent and provide an opportunity for robust education that creates a base of highly trained and committed professionals for the event and media industry in India.

Wizcraft MIME went live with inaugural course offering last year partnering with TalentEdge, one of India’s leading Ed-Tech firm, and has received a tremendous response from the industry as well as students.

With the active response and spectacular success experienced with the inaugural batch, Wizcraft MIME has decided to enhance its program offering. The first set of programme offerings are highly specialized courses in event management and range from televised events to crafting luxury event experiences. The course is open to graduates, post-graduate and young professionals, and with this Wizcaft MIME with TalentEdge has created an innovating learning experience and a pioneering course opportunity.

The course offers 2 specialized cutting edge Executive Certificate Programmes namely Television Event Management and Production and Corporate Events & Brand Orientation. Students enrolled in the program can also benefit from the golden chance to work with agencies on events like IIFA, GiMA, Guild Awards and other landmark events.

Sabbas Joseph, Director, Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. & Wizcraft MIME said, “The experiential & event industry in India has taken root in the country 25 years ago, and is now growing at a phenomenal rate. The industry has provided opportunities in the fields of entertainment, corporate event management, artiste management, graphic artistes and has given shape to tertiary industries such as fabrication, décor, event technology providers and engineers. There exists a lacune in the industry for a course that is rich in content and is accessible across the country. Wizcraft MIME is an earnest initiative that seeks to attract potential talent that is hidden in the corners of the country.”

Wizcraft MIME blends the rich experience of Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and the knowledge of learning and development brought in by the directors on board to train individuals who possess a zest to learn more about the event industry.

Speaking on the association, Aditya Malik, CEO and MD, Talentedge, said, “After our successful partnership with Wizcraft MIME, to curate the first ever online programme for students looking to educate and enhance their career options in the field of event management earlier this year, we are now thrilled to announce our second batch for the event management courses. We received an overwhelming response from individuals who were rigorously looking for quality online programmes in the field of event management, hinting at the potential this industry holds. With the onset of our second batch, we hope to continue enabling more individuals to not only learn from anywhere they like, but also reap the benefits of training under connoisseurs of the subjects, opening up various avenues for them in the event management industry.”

Adding to this Sushma Gaikwad, Director, Wizcraft MIME said, “We are intentional on providing relevant learning and comprehensive experiences for the students. Wizcraft MIME is truly an event management course where subject matter is brought to life by interactive and engaging faculty that take students through the graph of learning with relevant information and experiential case studies.”

The course offers 2 specialized cutting edge executive certificate programmes - Television Event Management and Production, and Corporate Events & Brand Orientation.

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