Brand Sports Gears Up to Host Debut Edition of Indian Extreme Nationals

Entertainment | November 16, 2016 | News

Inorbit Mall Brand Promotions XSAI

Brand Sports- an endeavour by Brand Promotions India Pvt. Ltd. to facilitate the growth of parallel sports in India, has got the rights to manage India’s first Extreme Nationals. In association with XSAI (Extreme Sports Association of India), the Indian subset of AXF (Asian Extreme Sports Federation), India’s Extreme Nationals will be India’s first ever platform where the best athletes in skateboarding and BMX shall compete.

Skateboarding and BMX have been in the country for around a decade now but have been extremely slow in their growth. It was only with the advent of Holystoked that it picked up pace, and now with Brand Sports and XSAI, it has reached a new milestone.

To give the event an internationally reputable scale, the ramp created by Brand Sports for this event subscribes to AXF standards and has all the opportunities that athletes would need to perform.

Happening in Mumbai on November 19 and 20, the event aims to identify the best athletes from all over the country. Only the crème de la crème who pass this test will get a chance to be a part of the Indian team for other international extreme sport competitions.

The event will be presided over by a panel of judges headed by Warren Stuart, the Vice- president of the Hong Kong Federation of Extreme Sports and also the Head Judge of the Asian Extreme Sports Federation along with big Indian names such as Shashank Somanna, Abhishek and Darius Barucha.

Brand Sports has undertaken numerous such endeavours for its vision of a future where sports are parallel to one’s lifestyle and not a minimal add on. One such platform is Freespirit, where national and international professional athletes tutored children and young adults on the basics of skateboarding and BMX while giving them inside tips on how to excel at it.

Brand Sports also created the X-Bus, the first ever mobile skateboarding platform to spread the vibe of extreme sports with events in multiple cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune.

Extreme Invasion, another IP by Brand Sports was the first attempt to familiarise the Indian audience with the international class of athletes. Ten international athletes were called in who educated the audience about BMX, skateboarding and inline skating. This show went to Mumbai and Bangalore and was a resounding success with about 4000 audience members.

This wave of popularity was extremely helpful in forming the first ever Indian team to participate in an International extreme sports festival - the Chuncheon Action Sports Championship. Travelling all the way to South Korea, it was visible how important it was for the athletes to perform on that high a platform.

After all this, The Indian Extreme Nationals now gives the athletes a chance to shine and take a step forward for the life they have always desired. With winners being given a chance to go for international extreme sports festivals, it’s a promising opportunity for all aspiring athletes. 

Happening in Mumbai on November 19 and 20, the event aims to bring out the best athletes from all over the country.

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