Cream Events Converts a Factory Shed into an Impressive Venue for Bosch’ Beyond Mobility 2016

Marketing | November 11, 2016 | News

Cream Events Bosch

Beyond Mobility 2016, the 2nd edition of this press meet by Bosch was held on October 24 at a factory shed in Bosch’s Adugodi campus in Bangalore. A world leader when it comes to products related to mobility, Bosch’ business spreads over a large number of specialties. In 2014, Bosch started conducting a press meet in a conference & exhibition style format that was very successful and helped Bosch position its other businesses to media and business associates as well.

Executed by Cream Events, the event was planned so that Bosch would have the opportunity to engage with its different stakeholders uniquely over the course of the day. The Press attended from 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM and the event started off with a lunch, while the B2B audience was addressed in the evening from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM in an event that concluded with dinner.

The entire event setup was created at the factory shed in a way that each of the 8 Business Units that Bosch wanted to shed light on had equal coverage and focus on-ground. A graphic motif was created by Bosch’s creative agency and Cream incorporated that into the event design. As soon as the audience entered, they encountered 8 flags on the walkway, each one putting the spotlight on company’s different units: Mining, Construction, Packaging, Security, Energy, Smart Cities, Home Appliances & Software.

In the pre-function area leading up to the main event area, the agency showcased a future city/world highlighting the benefits that can be gained by integrating Bosch services and product offerings.

The main event area had two section. One was an exhibition zone that had a model of a Bosch Smart City as the center with 8 units represented with a stall each. The graphic motif of a paved road connected the Smart City installation to each of the stalls.

Bosch’s innovative spirit & advanced technology was also captured by creating experience points that are a reflection of the same. RFID-based event ID’s opened various doors and were used to collect feedback at each of the 8 stalls belonging to the business units.

The highlight and focus for the whole event was the presentation made by various members of the Bosch leadership team for the media & their clients. A stage was created to position the LED screen above the presenters adding an X-factor to the presentations. The presentations too were smart presentations with embedded animation / videos & links.

“Bosch is a brand that has made innovation its mainstay. Even with this event the client allowed us to design the stage, exhibition area and presentations innovatively. This event was envisioned in a joint brainstorm with the brand custodians,” remarked  Harsha Khorana, Creative Director, Cream Events.

The event on October 24 at Adugodi campus in Bangalore was a press meet organised by Bosch in a unique exhibition format showcasing the company’s various business units and offerings.

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