4 New Age Decor Designers You MUST Rope In For Your Next Wedding Project!

Weddings | November 17, 2016 | Feature

Devika Narain & Company Wedding Duo Designs by Sakshi Jerath Designer Events Inc

In an industry where new décor professionals are born each day, from the interior design student to the high society housewife turned wedding designer, there are those that consistently innovate in terms of designs and concepts and incorporate new, never seen before elements in order to stay on top of the game.

Here are 4 such dynamic designers whose unique décor ideas and concepts won our hearts! Take a look.

Devika Narain & Company

A literature major from Lady Shri Ram College, Devika Narain has spent almost a decade at the forefront of luxury wedding design. Over the past years, she has left her indelible mark all over the world from Italy and Austria to Oman and Mauritius. Known as the definitive destination wedding designer in India, she is known for her international aesthetic, imbibed from working with the likes of Shane Connolly, Rob Van Helden, Kevin Lee, Vandana Mohan, Aditya Motwane and Chetan Vohra.

Today, Devika Narain is celebrated for her eclectic style and impeccable taste in design, that tells personal stories through spaces with lots of attention to detail. From intimate weddings with 100 guests in Thailand and grand 3000-guest weddings in Rajasthan, she is known to create events that personify subtle luxury.

In a span of 2 years, she has evolved from a one-man army to creating Devika Narain & Company, a niche design house based out of Delhi which brings together full-time textile designers, architects, event producers, graphic artists and client management experts that make sure that her designs are executed to the utmost detail. Devika is known for bringing together personal stories and combining them with history and art to manifest in grandiose concept-inspired settings.

Glimpses of Devika Narain's recent work


Wedding Duo

In barely two seasons, Wedding Duo has painted some path-breaking designs for weddings across India. The design house is run by Vishal Chand Mehra and Aliya Vij.

Vishal Chand Mehra, an alumni of Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, London has lavishly played with colours, textures and forms surpassing boundaries. From designing shows and styling fashion shoots in London to working with Bridal Asia and conceptualizing bespoke events, art was purely an extension of his personality. His micro-designing and ability to create a feast by bringing together varied elements evoking supreme visual appeal has created many memories for his clients! He used to look after the events and promotions for his family’s award winning heritage boutique spa haveli, Ranjit’s SVAASA in Amritsar, Punjab.

Aliya Vij, a psychology graduate from Jesus & Mary College finished with a Masters in Organizational Behaviour from Warwick Business School in the United Kingdom. Post a professional stint in UK she migrated to the Big Fours of the Advisory world, to work as a consultant. It was here that she realized that she was not cut out for a desk job. It pushed Aliya out of her comfort zone to follow her heart to create and invent. Being a planner by nature and with an intense eye for detail, she easily stepped into the world of social events, co-founding Wedding Duo.

Glimpses of Wedding Duo's recent work


Designs by Sakshi Jerath

Motivated to create magnanimous yet elegant weddings, Sakshi Jerath started her career in fashion designing. Ideas, concepts, planning and executing remained her loved words since then, confidently leading her to mould her career in the more fascinating path of wedding design. She has been in the wedding decor business for 6 years now which began with a stint at The Wedding Design Company (WDC).

Presently working from Mumbai, she has spread her charisma in the wedding scene so much that she is now based in Delhi and Goa too. Her pride lies in drawing from her experiences while working in a variety of destinations and venues, ranging from the plantations in Colombo, to iconic venues in Cannes. She has worked with wedding planners like MEW and Cineyug Celebrations among many other prominent names.

Interestingly, Designs by Sakshi Jerath has collaborated with Concept Solutions, Vienna and is the one point contact for any agency/planner in India looking for solutions for an event in Europe while also offering design services for these events. She has also designed the weddings of reputed families like the Kadam family (Ravi Kadam and Mridula Kadam, lawyers) Kishore Bajaj (the owner of Bada Sahib) and Diamontina 5th year celebration amongst various other eminent clients.

Glimpses of Sakshi Jerath's recent work


Designer Events Inc

Designer Events Inc. is a 2 year 7 months old company, having done 80 weddings in Delhi and 9 Destination events in Jaipur. These include both wedding planning and decor designing projects.

Kaveri Vij and Akshay Chopra are the brains behind Designer Events Inc. Both are veterans of the hospitality industry which has helped them to understand how to serve their guests and wow them in the best possible way. The creative duo has a sharp eye for fabrics, colours and bring an offbeat quirkiness to their decor style which has not been seen before. 

Kaveri has a knack for organisation while Akshay has a strong eye for detailing which helps the two function in the best possible way.Both function like the yin and yang of the zen art!

Glimpses of Designer Events Inc's recent work

These 4 promising décor designers are fast climbing the charts and are here to stay!

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