Sunil Gupta, BU Head, adidas Running India with Abhinav Sharma,Brand Manager, adidas Running, India at Alpha Bounce Treasure Hunt Event

Sunil Gupta- adidas Talks About AlphaBOUNCE Treasure Hunt, Upcoming Brand Campaigns & More!

Marketing | November 10, 2016 | Interview

Adidas Jagran Solutions Puma FLYP@MTV

November 6, 2016, was an interesting day for the experiential marketing space in India as it saw two humongous sporting brands open new doors of customer engagement in the country with their thoroughly immersive marketing initiatives.

While on this day the German multinational Puma took over the Reliance Jio Park in Mumbai to successfully create a new Guinness World Record for 1623 women (the most ever) participating and holding the abdominal plank for 60 seconds, another German multinational giant adidas took over the capital Delhi in a stunning treasure hunt for the launch of AlphaBOUNCE (newly launched running shoe from the adidas stable).

With 10 teams and over 120 people who were handpicked for their passion for sports especially running, the hunt across the city’s iconic landmarks turned into an exciting expression of energy and focus. The hunt was followed by a launch celebration & unveiling of the AlphaBOUNCE at FLYP@MTV Café, Connaught Place, an afterparty that stood out for its unblemished execution by Jagran Solutions.

In a conversation with EVENTFAQS, Sunil Gupta, BU Head, adidas running India, talks about the success of the treasure hunt, the upcoming experiential campaigns by the brand and the best on-ground brand engagement initiative of the day.

How was the idea to organize a city-wide treasure hunt for the launch of AlphaBOUNCE conceptualized?

The idea was to create a non-orthodox running event because AlphaBOUNCE is a non-orthodox running footwear and we wanted an event that would reflect the concept. Hence, we decided to take people on a treasure hunt, make them solve some clues and then end with an after party which mirrors a usual fun-filled weekend for our audiences.

The treasure hunt will be taken to 3 cities. We have started with Delhi and we move to Bangalore and Mumbai after that.

adidas Uprising was one of the most successful brand engagement initiatives in the previous year, what does it have in store for audiences this time around?

We are going to more cities with adidas Uprising this year and there are 6 cities on our radar this time around. There are new formats and sports that have been added and it's becoming bigger and better every year.

At the same time adidas is doing the treasure hunt brand activation in Delhi, your rival brand Puma is attempting to create a Guinness World Record. What do you have to say about that?

This to me is not so much a brand activation as it is taking over a day in the life of our target group and amplifying it. Whereas, what the other guys are doing, Guinness record for most number of people doing a plank, may be a gimmick. These people (participants of the AlphaBOUNCE treasure hunt) have run 7 kilometers in an urban environment where they usually run in and they have used real world clues to solve their way out and there is nothing gimmicky about it. The guys who won it have earned it. Whereas planking with a film star, I don’t know where is the honesty or truth in that.

We are in November right now and the year is almost over. What more can we expect from the adidas stable before the year ends?

The AlphaBOUNCE launch is going to Bangalore and Mumbai, the adidas Uprising will go to Chandigarh & Pune and maybe we will end the year with a race in a top secret location in Delhi. So yeah, maybe we will end Christmas with that.

It is to be noted that the adidas AlphaBOUNCE treasure hunt was managed by Little Black Book whereas Jagran Solutions (the usual on-board execution partners for adidas) were roped in to manage the after party at FLYP@MTV.

Commenting on the execution of the event Rohit Arora, Senior Account Manager, Jagran Solutions stated, “adidas is one of our most favorite clients and it is always a pleasure to curate events for them. We managed two events for them today- one being the 10 KM run in the morning and then the after-party here and we must say it was an enthralling experience for us as well.”

In a conversation with Sunil Gupta, BU Head, adidas running India, we talk about the success of the treasure hunt, the upcoming experiential campaigns by the brand and more!

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