Sweet Activations: How 2 International Confectionery Brands Wowed Customers During Diwali

Marketing | November 8, 2016 | Feature

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Diwali is the time to activate for all kinds of brands – fashion, electronics, home appliances and more. Diwali is also the time when consumers buy large quantities of sweets, without showing much of the usual restraint that accompanies buying anything sugar loaded. And with consumer preferences expanding to include a lot more than a variety of Indian sweets as choices of confectionery during the festival, confectionery brands went all out to attract consumers with launches of new variants and mall engagements.

Here we look at what 2 international confectionery brands did to engage consumers during Diwali:

1. Papabubble’s Store Launch

Spanish candy brand Papabubble, was launched in India at Palladium, Mumbai on October 26 by Burgundy Hospitality. Burgundy Hospitality is the same company that got Royce chocolates to India. The activities surrounding this launch took place for three days, where All aspects of the launch event were managed by El Sol Strategic Consultants.

The launch event was focused on introducing special Diwali flavours. The brand introduced vivid Indian flavours like Badam Sheera candy, Biryani-flavoured candy, Paan Rasna and Kala-Khatta-flavoured candy. The Master candy maker, Luca Deregibus garnered attention through displaying a few Halloween themed candies and lollipops through the ‘Live Candy Theater’.

With this launch, Burgundy Hospitality has introduced a first-of-its-kind experiential candy brand in the country. Papabubble is a celebration of craftsmanship and creativity and is set in a live retail confectionery production ‘theatre’. Each Papabubble candy is hand-made and showcases unique flavours and intricate designs. The first candy store and live theatre has opened at Level 3, Palladium, Mumbai with more stores and theatres to follow over the next six months.

Samir Gadhok, Director, Burgundy Hospitality said, “We still believe in the magic of traditional retail where customers can touch, feel and experience their favourite products. At the same time we were cognizant of the fact that technology and e-commerce has disrupted cookie-cutter production, distribution and brick and mortar retail offerings. Papabubble offers the best of worlds, where customers can taste, watch and experience the entire candy production process while still enjoying the benefits of variety, accessibility and customisation.”

Customers are invited to experience live candy-preparation shows daily at the store. The entire process, from mixing the colours and flavours to stretching and packaging the finished candy are on show for the audience. It is part theatre, part art and part production. Upon entering the store, customers witness a 300-year-old craft that has been rejuvenated and reconstructed. Master candy makers take consumers through the entire candy making journey, while simultaneously hand-crafting the candy.

Avani Raheja, Directory, Burgundy Hospitality remarked, “We are excited to have a confectionery brand that celebrates the traditional craftsmanship of hand-made confectionery, set in a retail environment that is both contemporary and experiential. Hand-made candy in a retail setting is an entirely new concept in India. We have never previously had a chance to explore diverse candy and confectionery flavours and varieties, hand crafted for customers in front of their eyes. We are happy to yet again set the standard for the confectionery market in India“.

2. Ferrero Rocher’s Hazelnut Roasting MTO Activation

From October 14 to 29, Italian chocolate brand Ferero Rocher conducted a Hazelnut Roasting MTO Activation over 3 weekends in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The brand approached Vibgyor to reach out to its TG during Diwali. Around 20,000 people were engaged at 28 outlets. The agency handled all aspects of the activity over 72 man-days, including the planning, deciding on venues, the logistics and the overall event flow.

At the MTO, a chef roasted hazelnuts put in the chocolate allowing customers to sample them.

Italian brand Ferrero Rocher and Spanish brand Papabubble both engaged consumers through experiential engagements managed by El Sol Consultants and Vibgyor Brand Services, respectively.

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