Trifecta Entertainment Set to Host a First Ever World Barbecue Festival at DLF Place Saket

Entertainment | November 3, 2016 | News

Trifecta Entertainment DLF Place

The creators of Holi Moo! Festival (formerly Holi Cow! Festival) and 10 Heads Festival, Trifecta Entertainment, is set to host a first-ever Delhi Cook Out - World Barbecue Festival from December 9 to 11 at DLF Place, Saket from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Talking about the Cook Out, Abhishek Mankad, Co-Founder and Director, Trifecta Entertainment Pvt. Ltd says, “We are excited to announce a brand-new festival property that sets itself apart from the plethora of food-based events that the city has been seeing. Through our focus on the oldest form of cooking, as well as our strong associations with FIFI and various countries that have a rich barbecuing tradition, Trifecta is bringing to Delhi a truly international, curated experience. The expertise and quality brought together by these associations is, I believe, the strength of the festival.”

The Delhi Cook Out - World Barbecue Festival is a celebration of the bonhomie and warmth that barbecue fires have inspired since time immemorial. The Delhi Cook Out is all about reveling in the varied traditions of the barbecue from across the world and presenting the best of their delicacies to the patrons of the festival. Various embassies present in Delhi will be a part of the event.

Trade and diplomatic representatives of more than 20 countries attended the curtain-raiser organised in the Capital recently, which was hosted by the Minister Counselor for Agricultural Affairs, US Embassy, Scott Sindelar at his residence recently.

Speaking on the occasion, Sindelar said, “I welcome this opportunity to partner with Trifecta Entertainment and the Forum of Indian Food Importers (FIFI) to showcase ‘American Barbecue’. The American Barbecue experience is part of our heritage and culture and is a fixture with our family, friends and social life.  Perhaps, more importantly, this evening is Trifecta and FIFI’s introduction to the Delhi Cookout, which is planned for this December. We look forward to many countries participating in this international festival where everyone can join the barbecue experience from around the world.”

Speaking about the diversity that has inspired the festival, Amit Lohani, Founding Director, FIFI said, “Almost all great countries of the world have different techniques of the barbecue ranging from cooking meats and vegetables in pits with coal, grilling using skewers on apple wood chips, or to have a pit of hickory wood to cook meaty ribs. I personally believe that ‘if it isn't barbecue, it isn't food’. FIFI is excited to collaborate with Trifecta Entertainment to create India's first World Barbecue Festival, being held in New Delhi. It speaks of the best in life - Good food. Good friends. Good spirits and a great barbecue.”

Staying true to tradition, the Cook Out will be using only the best equipment and the choicest meats, veggies, sauces and condiments. Celebrity chefs will be using these and bringing to life the do-it-yourself tradition of barbecuing and serving the patrons. For those who prefer to enjoy the activities without being hands-on, chefs from the most popular restaurants and select countries that have a rich culture of barbecuing will be putting out their best selections from their grills, celebrating the diversity that has evolved over the thousands of years since food has met flame.

Other iconic elements of the countries’ culture, like their music, dance and art, as well as tourism opportunities will also be part of the texture that will be presented at the festival.

Trifecta Entertainment is set to host a first-ever Delhi Cook Out - World Barbecue Festival from December 9 – 11 at DLF Place, Saket.

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