WATCH: Tere Siva by Darshan Raval Directed by Naushad Khan, E-Positive Entertainment

Entertainment | November 2, 2016 | Video Update

E-Positive Entertainment Naushad Khan Darshan Raval

Naushad Khan, Managing Director, E-Positive Entertainment personally directed the music video of Darshan Raval’s song ‘Tere Siva’. The video has witnessed a tremendous success with around 3 million views and over 32,000 likes on YouTube. In the first 3 days, the video already had a million views.

Talking about the process of directing the video, Khan remarked, “While this is not my directorial debut as I have made a lot of videos in the past, it is definitely one that I have made after a considerably long break from film-making. I was inspired to direct the film after hearing Darshan Raval’s song which I think is absolutely beautiful. We filmed at various locations including Borivali National Park, Mumbai. The whole story presented in the video has been much appreciated by Raval himself as well as other artists. The response has just been phenomenal. The video has also garnered a lot of interest in the artist, who has become quite sought after for various events as well.”

The artist, who is managed by E-Positive Entertainment, is extremely pleased with the video, while a number of other artists have approached Khan in the past few weeks with the hope of getting their music videos directed by him.

Naushad Khan, Managing Director, E-Positive Entertainment decided to direct the music video after hearing Darshan Raval's song and instantly liking it. The video has garnered around 3 million views.

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