The International Clown Festival Presents 5th Edition Across 3 Cities

Entertainment | October 28, 2016 | News

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The International Clown Festival presented the Bangalore leg of the 5th edition ‘The Clowns that Ran Away From the Circus’, two heart-warming shows that took place on October 21 at Good Shepherd Auditorium, Bengaluru. Each of the two shows had an audience of 600 people. These two shows were managed by Senses Creations, an event agency in Bangalore. In addition to this show, there were other shows at Phoenix Market City Bangalore on October 22 and 23. Prior to the Banglaore shows, there were shows in Mumbai - at High Stree Phoenix on October 8, at Courtyard Marriott on October 9 and at Phoenix Market City, also on October 9. There was another show in Mumbai, at St Andrews Auditorium on October 26. The Chennai shows took place at Phoenix Market City on October 15 and 16.

This is an initiative by Flubber the Clown from Mumbai, who has been clowning since 1990. He along with his company, Mad Hatters and Light House has taken the initiative to bring the International Clown Festival to India. This festival is supported by local sponsors, well-wishers, international partners and the international clown community.

The International Clown Festival is a gathering of leading clowns from all over the world. This festival has four major activities: Theatre Shows, Meet and Greet, Workshops and Outreach Programs. The objective of the festival is to spread laughter through the art of clowning. The funds collected are utilized in developing the art form in India as well as in developing a structured Social Circus Program to teach circus skills to kids at risk.

Participants are professional, multi-skilled, award winning clowns and clown groups. These are personally selected by the international festival committee. The festival’s featured clowns have been from Ringling Brothers Circus, Cirque Du Soleil amongst others. The International Clown Festival is supported by The World Clown Association, Mad Hatters and Light House Entertainment.

The show is about 5 clowns that run away from the circus. Bringing newness to the world of clowning, the 5 entertainers Flubber and his friends Sparky, Timmyto, Benji and Maggie perform their own version of the circus. Their acts include solos, duos, trios and group performances that included slapstick humour, juggling, magic and much more. With their own fabulous background scores, the whole show is filled with colours, music and laughter.

In addition to the hour-long show, this edition also features a ‘Meet & Greet’ session, where the audience gets to interact with the clowns.

A number of brands came forward to be a part of this event in Bangalore, including Bisleri, Hyundai, Honda and Jagadish Advertising.

“It was an immense pleasure working on this project with a wonderful team, and it was really thrilling to have the International Clown Festival choose us to execute their show in Bangalore,” said Vanisha Monteiro, Project Head, Senses Creations. “We were a part of this International Clown Festival before. However, this was our first ticketed show, so the challenge was really big. We hope to do bigger shows next year and something that would cater to all age groups so that we can connect with the audiences out there.  By doing this we wish to make the world a happier place and what better than laughing out loud with the award winning Clowns from the International Clown Festival.”

This is an initiative by Flubber the Clown from Mumbai, who along with his company, Mad Hatters and Light House has taken the initiative to bring the International Clown Festival to India.

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