“A Brand’s Approach & Values Must Resonate In The Agency’s Culture”- Anupam Vasudev, Aircel

Marketing | October 17, 2016 | Interview

Aircel DDB Mudra Group

Aircel, one of the leading mobile service providers in India, recently launched a new campaign, “Tomorrow’s stars inside, be a little careful.” The new initiative is aimed at spreading awareness on the delicate issue of student safety while driving and is just one of the on-ground engagements that the brand has rolled out this year.

In an exclusive conversation with Anupam Vasudev, Chief Marketing Officer, Aircel, we at EVENTFAQS dig deep into the marketing strategy of the brand, relevance of experiential marketing for it and the upcoming on-ground campaigns that one can expect from the brand stable ahead.

How was the Aircel safe driving initiative conceptualized and what were the reasons behind it?

A part of Aircel’s brand ideology has been committed to engaging with socially dynamic issues. The safe driving initiative is one such campaign embodying a strong social sense, yet subtly delivering a meaningful message of safe driving with children. As the school's buses carry students, we believed that they would be apt to spread awareness on this issue hence the message Tomorrow’s stars inside, be a little extra careful.

Through this campaign Aircel aims to create awareness about the menace on roads and build a positive connect with the students, parents and the school fraternity on this critical issue. Considering the present day scenario, it is important to safeguard student’s safety and this initiative is an effort to help children lead a secure life and also address the need of safety on roads.

How is Aircel marketing itself in the modern brand ecosystem?

Aircel is a challenger brand which constantly strives to innovate and create products and services which are true to customer’s requirements. In a bid to achieve this goal, we always believe in ‘doing a little extra’ for our customers and hence have adopted a holistic marketing approach to reach out to our target groups and offer them value in all our products and services. 

Aircel entered the Indian telecom market with a bang but seem to have lost its way in sustaining the momentum it built. What is the brand doing differently now to regain the market share?

Since its inception, Aircel has remained consistent on ‘innovation’ and ‘affordability’. Aircel took the first step in making 3G affordable for the masses. We launched Smart Pocket Internet data plans which truly changed the way mobile internet was perceived and consumed.  We have created disruption in the industry with our unique offerings that have had a tremendous impact in the industry.

Aircel has been on the forefront of cutting edge technology and through our constant efforts of innovating products and services; we aim to make Aircel a gateway to the internet for all. There has been a dramatic increase in the sales of smartphones and this has led to a widespread need for data, especially for the youth. We’re confident that our products not only greatly ease the pockets of our new customers, but also help to fuel internet adoption in the country for those who still aren’t online. We continue to surprise the market with our unique offerings. 

What is the experiential marketing strategy of the brand? What are some of the most recent BTL campaigns that the brand has executed recently?

Aircel has always been a brand which believes in directly engaging with customer sentiments. All around the year, we plan our activities strategically to maintain brand recall with our customers through innovative and fun campaigns. We specially customize our services with uniquely discounted offers during festive seasons as well as festival promotional deals. Friday sales, 3G experience zones in semi-urban areas for customers to experience 3G as well as migrant support programs are some of our exclusive initiatives we have undertaken in the past.

We also do a lot of Nukkad Nataks with social messages and also conduct health camps for the migrant communities. Recently we did a street play in Coimbatore and took it to 10 colleges in the region through a live webcast.

There is also a continuous and meaningful engagement with our 10,000K Facebook fans and 635K Twitter followers with the objective of reinforcing Aircel’s brand philosophy of ‘do a little extra’. The focus is clearly to have communication, engagement, and contests that resonate with our audience, and at the same time develop a unique voice for the brand on this platform.

One such initiative that the brand recently did was a #deleteatweet campaign around Valentine’s Day. Aircel developed a digital campaign imploring other netizens to shun the negativity, make an effort to say #somethingsweet and spread some love, as increasingly social media platforms were turning into trolling platforms. The campaign strongly resonated with the online community and through shares, retweets, and participation the message reached to over a 100 Million.

Which agency manages the BTL marketing for your brand? What do you look for in an agency before roping them in?

We have roped in DDB Mudra to aid our message dissemination to our target audience and build a deep connect with them. We always believe that the brand’s approach and brand values must resonate in the agency’s culture.

How will Aircel be marketing itself in the upcoming festive season ahead?

We at Aircel consider the festive period as an important opportunity and platform to directly engage with our customers. Our product offerings and services are a medium to further enhance the festive experience. Aircel continues to bring exciting offers every festive season and bundle them with discounted offers, thereby alleviating the festive cheer. 

What are some of the other campaigns we can expect from the Aircel stable in the year ahead?

Aircel will be creating a couple of interesting campaigns in the coming period which will directly focus on the customer sentiments.  We can expect campaigns which not only fuel internet adoption in the country for those who still aren’t online but also help us take data to the next level of growth and acceptance in India

Anupam Vasudev, Chief Marketing Officer, Aircel talks to EVENTFAQS about the marketing strategy of the brand, relevance of experiential marketing and the upcoming on-ground campaigns.

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