AFP Executes a ‘World of Excellence’ for Legrand at Grand Hyatt Goa

Marketing | October 7, 2016 | News

A for Pineapple Legrand Benny Dayal

Legrand - the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructure - was in a predicament when they realized they were seen a specialist in certain product categories and not a company that offered comprehensive range of quality products. To address this, they decided to hold a conference for around 200 panel builders to change the market perception. The event took place on September 1 at Grand Hyatt Goa, and was executed by A for Pineapple (AFP) Ideas and Execution Limited, which won the mandate in a multiple agency pitch.

The brief was to change market opinion through experiential event execution. It was imperative to package the conference in a way that left no room for imagination, but was at the same time imaginative itself. The task was to showcase the product range, change the market paradigm and leave the panel builders with a delivery promise that Legrand would build the best panel for their different needs.

After going back to the drawing board, AFP came up with the idea of presenting Legrand’s ‘World of Excellence’ to the Panel Builders. It was a theme that encompassed all their needs, delivered the objective and fulfilled a promise.

Talking about how technology was used to maximise the impact of the event, Annu Anand, Chief Catalyst and MD, AFP said, “The biggest challenge was to translate the thought of ‘World of Excellence’ into an event. We had used different technologies for Legrand in the past in an event, but this time it had to be something bigger and larger than life that resonated ‘World of Excellence’. After multiple brainstorming sessions we concluded to create a visual world never experienced before. The industry norm was to do a 3 sided straight line 270 degree projection, but we conceptualized a hexagon 270 degree so that it is magnificent to look at, and covered the length and breadth of your vision. To make it more impactful we added Dolby sound effects for the full conference”.

The ‘World of Excellence’ came with a world of challenges, as a screen that huge could not be captured in a single camera frame. The question for the agency was – how do you plan the technicals, especially when using all intelligent lights with Surround Sound System? The logistics of such a mammoth set-up was a complicated task, as it required highly experienced people from across India, and a team that possessed in-depth understanding of all the technical aspects involved.  The best players in the industry were brought in as partners for AV, sound, lights, content and staging.

The presentation content had to do justice to the 270-degree plus screen, and had to be created in limited time. The agency’s content partners worked day and night to deliver the job. More than 600 hours in total were spent in 3D rendering in 270 format, creating 29 dynamic slides to be executed along with a 3-minute Film with 5.1 surround Sound in 270 Plus ratio on a 14.5 Million pixel image canvas.

Getting LED with similar pixels was a challenge, as it meant that AFP had to match it with the right support equipment and backups, The LED wall was one of the biggest facades used in 270 degree format ever and covered the 2500 sq. ft. area of the conference hall. The media management and playback was huge - Watchout V6 Quad Channel Media server handled a 14.5 million images canvas. The AV team delivered the impossible by mounting a huge canvas in eight hours.

The entertainment had to be best in the world, and thus an ipad magician from Brazil was contracted who seamlessly integrated market leadership and product features in the entertainment. Soulful musician Benny Dayal had the audience swinging on this tunes till the end of the World.

A 2500 sq.ft LED wall had 270 degree projection mapping using a hexagon arrangement. More than 40 hours were spent in 3D rendering, creating 29 dynamic slides to be executed along with a 3-min film.

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