JUICY: Gorgeous Installations By Decor Gurus That Saw Innovative Use of Exotic Fruits!

Weddings | October 7, 2016 | Photo Feature

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Yes, the sliced lemons and orange halves have done their rounds at Indian weddings and private celebrations for a while and it has been seen that they have mostly been used in centerpieces.

However, we noticed that a shift in this trend has seen a lot of whole fruits being used by decor professionals. Interestingly, as was the case before, these juicy delights are not being used in table centerpieces only. They are being used in unique and innovatie ways that will absolutely bowl you over!

Take a look.

This stunner below has so many fruits! Ubelievable right!

Fruity Decor by Aura by Gautam Vedi


Ever seen a floral wall with green apples popping from in between white and yellow flowers. This one is a masterpiece.

Fruity Decor by Rohit Bal Luxury Weddings


Look at these apples hung on twigs at the entrance!

Fruity Decor by Dreamzkraft


See how strawberries have been thrown in to accentuate this table arrangement.

Fruity Decor by The Wedding Design Company by Vandana Mohan


And an installation like this one complete with apples in these rustic boxes will add oodles of freshness to the decor

Fruity Decor by Dreamzkraft


Check out this centerpiece with whole green apples sitting on an exquisite candelabra! WOW.

Fruity Decor by Dreamzkraft

Get more fruity ideas HERE!

Check out some stunning centerpieces, nstallations and decor elements that have been made using fruits and that too in a unique way!

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