Day 1 Of The Big Fat Barcelona Post Wedding That Began Last Night - By Wedniksha!

Weddings | September 23, 2016 | News


The much talked 2-day post-wedding celebration of a distinguished client kickstarted last night in Barcelona. The celebration began with a Spanish themed dinner welcoming the guests to the host country!

The event took place at Finca Mas Solers on the outskirts of Barcelona.

Speaking of the destination, Bhavnesh Sawhney, Director, Wedniksha elaborated, "Barcelona is the centre of history and art, it offers an abundance of beautiful locations for a wedding. The exquisite variety of European flowers available, make the décor stand out. The vendors are very efficient and easy to work with. With a thriving culture, there are ample of unique entertainment options that engage one and all."

Wedniksha created, designed and curated the décor and entertainment for last evening as well as the events that will take place today. The hospitality, logistics and overall management of the event is also being managed by them. The agency is well-known for being a one-stopshop for personal celebrations, especially destination wedding planning. 

La velada Española was a glamorous night decked in hues of red, black and white.

 Exquisite florals were used to bring out the innate beauty of the venue.

The guests were welcomed by Iconos Barcelona; artistes dressed as famous icons of Spain like Gaudi, Picasso, etc.

They were then entertained by a performance of the local genre of music, Rumba Catalana, and flamenco dancers.  Their act culminated with a fusion between the Spanish singers and dancers with an Indian acoustic singer, Alwyn Dsouza, creating melodies that have never been heard before.

Batucada drummers then took over the stage to add vibrancy to the evening with its African twist to samba. A surprise dance by the couple on the beautiful song, Gerua, created the perfect romantic moment.

An Indo-Spanish dance act, a jalsa of sorts, was the finale act of the evening with a specialized track created with a fusion of Spanish and Hindi music, which geared everyone for a night full of enjoyment ahead.

Paris House Addict that flew down especially from France, spun the popular tracks until dawn and surely made day one memorable for the guests from various parts of the world.

Follow this space for a round-up  of the event tonight!


The Spanish Night took place last evening at Finca Mas Solers, on the outskirts of Barcelona.

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