“All Our Sponsor Meetings were Closed in the First Meeting Itself” — Nemish Sanghvi on INCA

Business Events | September 22, 2016 | Interview

India Nightlife Convention & Awards INCA Kickstart Entertainment The St.Regis Mumbai

The first ever India Nightlife Convention & Awards is all set to take place at Astor Ballrom, The St. Regis Mumbai on September 25 and 26. Kickstart Entertainment and NRAI have got Danke on board as the presenting partner.

In this interview, EVENTFAQS talks to Nemish Sanghvi, India Nightlife Convention & Awards about the final sponsors of the event, as well as the process in which the 225 nominations were made.

Do share what’s planned for the upcoming edition of INCA? How was the property conceptualised?

Looking at the number of bars that are open in India, and the entire culture of meeting up for drinks after 6 p.m and not a coffee, we realized that there is no platform where today’s bar owners can come and connect with each other. In Bandra, within 1 km there are 30 bars. But none of these bar owners talk to each other or know each other. Another thing that we found from our research is that all these new age bars like Radio Bar, Daily, etc. are all owned by young entrepreneurs and not by hospitality groups or companies that have been around for the last 25 to 30 years. So that’s why we realized that there’s a platform needed. We formed a company called India Bar Inc., and the India Nightlife Convention Awards is the first product, which is a 2-day convention, followed by the first ever bar Awards of the country. So these are the first ever specifically bar Awards which are dedicated to the bar and nightlife industry. We are awarding a DJ, an artist manager, a promoter, an F&B director, and then the bars: the best bar lounge, the best open air bar, the best cocktail bar, etc. This has never happened in India before.

Who are the final sponsors and partners? Share with us about how these associations came about, and how these fit in with what INCA is all about?

The India Nightlife Convention & Awards is presented by Danke in association with Johnnie Walker, powered by Dineout. Partners include Miss Malini, Universal Studios, Harman, Chandon, Aspri Spirits, Marim Bula, EY, id8, A Brand New Day, Bull n Bar, Neo Juris LLP,  alphaq, and Headset Productions. Also, a special thanks to Riyaaz Amlani and NRAI.

We wanted to have sponsors who would be connected in some way with what INCA is about. The first thing that comes to mind are alcohol brands. The presenting sponsor, Danke, is a German beer brewed in India. And the other is Diageo Group – every single bar has offerings from Diageo. We have the best alcohol brands on board. Timeout is a great app, the new way of doing bookings and reservations. We wanted the best of social media to promote INCA, as everyone today is hooked on to these platforms. People go to bars through Instagram and through reviews, and order food and drink based on photos they see. So we got Miss Malini on board as she represents the best of the social media space. We also got Harman, the best sound and light systems installed at nightclubs, as one of our partners. We got the best of alcohol brands, social media, and technology, all brands that are extremely relevant to the nightclub industry.

All our sponsor meetings were closed in the first meeting itself.

Elaborate a little on the nominees for the Awards. How many entries were there in total under various categories before these nominations were made? How will the final winners be selected?


All our entries and nominees were basically tabulated and processed by Ernst&Young. Ameya and team from E&Y carried out process in which they spoke to 15 to 18 jury members in 8 cities. After the entire process of getting a city jury was over, winners from every city were selected. So we had close to about 225 city winners, who we are going be awarding. And out of these 225, we are going to choose the top 25 in the national awards. So there are 2 levels of processes. Both are done by Ernst&Young. Nobody from our end or the bar owners were involved. The final nominees will be presented to a national jury, and then tabulated and handed over to us prior to the announcement.

What will the convention offer to those attending?

The convention has various panel discussions. We also have international speakers. There’s Lutz Leichsenring, who head the Club Commission, Berlin. He’s coming down to speak to all our Indian bar owners. Our second speaker is Alan Miller. He’s the President of Night Time Industries Association, UK. He will talk about the running of the nightlife industry. We also have Sri Aaditya Thackeray who will inaugurate and be a keynote speaker of the INCA. We’ve got everything that a nightlife owner wants – the brands, speakers, great sessions that would make him want to attend. It’s going to be a great convention.

Comment on The St Regis Mumbai as the choice of venue for INCA.

It’s a great hotel with excellent bars, restaurants and lounges, and a leading venue in the nightlife industry.

Nemish Sanghvi, India Nightlife Convention & Awards, provides an overview of the very exciting new property, sharing on the final sponsors as well as the 225 city nominees.

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