REVEALED: India's TOP 5 Decor Masters On What's Really HOT This Season!

Weddings | September 22, 2016 | Feature

Vandana Mohan Geeta Samuel Gurleen Puri Dhun Cordo Sumant Jayakrishnan

In the recent years we have seen brides rush to recreate their version of a royal wedding or something straight off the internet. But today the trend has noticed an invariable change.

Read on as these 5 Decor Specialists reveal what's really HOT this season!

Dhun Cordo, Director, Full Moon Creative Services

Interestingly Dhun Cordo said, “I don't believe in trends. If you blindly follow a trend most events will tend to look the same. A wedding is a very private individual affair. It requires to be tailored to create a personal experience. It cannot be a cookie-cutter version of the current trend.”


Vandana Mohan, Director, The WeddinG Design Company(WDC) 

On the other hand, Vandana Mohan says, “Watch fashion trends, trending colors and any international trend- weddings do pick something from there.”

Being more specific she goes on to say, “Fantasy and theatrical productions are inspirations for décor at private events. Additionally, the trend of pure and authentic designs for the wedding is BIG today. What’s trending is décor that is India inspired and truly Indian in colour, motif, fabrics and structures.”


Sumant Jayakrishnan, Director, Scenografia Sumant

Sumant Jayakrishnan said, "Contemporary and Minimal Ideas are a new trend in wedding decor this season. Though the scale can still be large, a simple idea in repeat is something most clients are responding to."


Geeta Samuel, MD, Q Events by Geeta Samuel

Geeta Samuel feels that couples today are more interested in going down the aisle their own way. They want a wedding that showcases who they are and give guests a fun, never seen before experience.

She adds, “In terms of patterns and colours people are looking more into modern, luxe and clean colour palates with bolder accents. One recent event that comes to my mind is a Delhi based reception for which we had created a magical theme.For this magical themed experience, a 100 feet long and 30 feet high ice castle was created and used as a stage backdrop which became the highlight of the event. The indigenously fabricated water tank with mermaids served as a bar backdrop in the main area which left the guests awestruck."


Gurleen M Puri, Director, Weddings by Gurleen M Puri

Gurleen Puri mentions that European Vintage and English Garden styled looks are very popular, this year.

She explains, “These looks utilize spring blooms, pastel shades, timeless pieces and dainty florals. The looks are further embellished with antiques, butterflies, bird cages and spring accents. This theme works very well for an Engagement party or a Mehndi lunch.”

Read the e-issue of Experiential Celebrations(ExCel) as these 5 design gurus talk about flowers, popular props, international decor trends and how to make it big in the wedding decor industry. 


We gather insights from these specialists on raging concepts and themes for the season coming up.

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