A black and white entrance, with a shiny floor and LED strips- by WDC

15 Super Cool Entrance Decor Ideas For Your Next Experiential Celebration!

Weddings | September 12, 2016 | News

Decor Ideas

You will agree that the Entrance to any type of event, especially a wedding or pre-wedding can give the guest a feel of what's in store. And it should. More so, because today, almost all wedding celebrations are based on a particluar theme/concept and that is followed through in other aspects of the event as well.

So what better than letting the guest experience the theme as he/she walks in.

Take a look at some unique, thematic and inspiring entrances that took our notice.


Use vintage cars to accentuate the entrance just like this one at a Great Gatsby themed reception.

Entrance by Prasang Events and Entertainment


Create a black and white entrance, with a shiny floor and LED strips, making the passageway feel like a glamorous night-club! 

Entrance by Wedding Design Company(WDC) by Vandana Mohan


Create a floral heaven in the pathway styling it with trees loaded with pearls 

Entrance by Dreamzkraft


Did you ever imagine that using only white Maple leaves all over can make for a gorgeous entrance like this one?

Entrance by Prasang Events and Entertainment


Instead of going for casual draping foyers in the entry and passage, go with a wrought iron gazebo painted dull gold and have a festoon running around the gazebo showcasing a colourful range of flora. It will contrast and stand out well on a dull golden gazebo. What say?

Entrance by Poojan Decor


This entrance showcased extravagant floral rangolis and heavy floral 'torrens' along with very intricately carved pillars and was created for a South-India themed wedding.

Entrance by Q Events by Geeta Samuel


A canopy of flowers surrounded by a variety of modern installations. Not so dramatic but oh so pretty!

Entrance by Gurleen M Puri


Imagine guests walking in under an opulent dome with gilded effect, crystal chandeliers and giant temple bells. This will certainly make for an exquisite entrance to an elegant wedding.

Entrance by Pomegranate Event Decor


Have neon lights lining the pathway to transport the guests to an LED dominated experience.

Entrance by R2S Events


Check out this Vedic entrance complete with bells, marigold strings and Buddha paintings.

Entrance by The Wedding Designers


An ideal entrance for a Fashion Fiesta themed event!

Entrance by Q Events by Geeta Samuel


Check out these heighted arches beautified with golden string art- joined and erected in a way to give it a cave-like look. So unique right?

Entrance by Poojan Decor


Create a tunnel with LED Strip Lights. Super simple to put together and just right for a Youngsters Night or Cocktail.

Entrance by 'Nuptials by Priyanka Pandey'


Accentuate the entrance with C shaped arches with silver neon ribbons!

Entrance by Elusive Dreams


Check out this lovely, vibrant entrance cretaed for a Carnival themed experience!

Entrance by F5 Weddings

Here's a round-up of interesting entrances that we spotted at recent weddings and social events.

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