Videowaves Conducts AV Workshop for 100+ Event Professionals from 40 Agencies

Industry Watch | September 9, 2016 | News

Videowaves AV Technology

100+ participants from 40 event management agencies across India, assembled at the Juhu Vile Parle Gymkhana Club in Mumbai on Aug 29, for an enriching AV workshop by Videowaves. Selected team members from top agencies such as 7ty7, Candid Marketing, A for Pineapple, Aamby Valley, Collective Heads and others came together to familiarise themselves with the nuances of various Audio-Visual equipments and technology that can help them communicate better with their clients and provide optimal solutions. 

Videowaves’ Director Kunal Bhatia was promoted to organise this highly impactful workshop by the general observation that production and marketing teams in the event industry find it convenient to communicate with their clients easily, if they are aware of the latest AV equipment available and the technicalities associated with it. Speaking about the initiative, Bhatia said, “I want to give back to the industry, what it has given to me in 20 years. I have done many workshops earlier for various agencies & associations, but this was for the first time that we have brought so many agencies together for a workshop of this magnitude.”

Frequently asked questions such as, “If the height of the screen is 10 feet, what should be the width? ; What is the aspect ratio of screen size 30 X 10 ft? ; What’s the difference between 4:3 and 16:9? ; How do we create content for it?", need to be addressed to help these industry professionals create better event experiences. Complying to this need, the Videowaves AV Workshop covered topics ranging from Projectors & Lenses to Aspect Ratios, LED Screens, and Watchout & Video Mapping.

DJ Consol on display at the Workshop

3d Mapping Demonstration at the Workshop

LED Screens of the three different Aspect Ratios were displayed at the event to give a practical understanding of the topics. Also, information on what kind of font size could be used with 3mm, 5mm and 6mm Screens at a particular distance; Live Video Cropping and 3D files using Watchout version 6.1; Actual Projection Mapping of 3D scaled down versions of a Car and Monument; Innovative 3D Triangular LED video DJ Consoles, etc were demonstrated. A technology and online quiz was also used to help the participants evaluate their understanding of the content.

The workshop received enthusiastic interaction as well as encouraging feedback from the participants. S. B. Sharma, Manager Events, Aamby Valley said, “The workshop was very informative and meticulously designed & executed. This was my second workshop with Videowaves. They have not only covered basics but also updated and educated us about latest in AV technologies.”

The workshop held at the Juhu Vile Parle Gymkhana Club on Aug 29 addressed several topics such as Projectors & Lenses, Aspect Ratios, LED Screens, and Watchout & Video Mapping.

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