CS Direkt Designs Mega-themed Stage for Amway National Meet in Kolkata, Delhi & Mumbai

Marketing | August 30, 2016 | News

CS Direkt

The Amway Next Growth Meet was recently held in 3 major cities – Kolkata, Delhi & Mumbai and 15 zonal locations. Attended by top Amway management members - Achinta Banerjie (Sr. Vice President – Sales & training), Anshu Budhraja (Chief Executive Officer) and more than 3000 Amway ABO’s per city, the event was a massive success, with active participants from both sides and lots of interesting facts and stories shared by some of them.

The multi-city event was managed and executed by CS Direkt.

There were four major points of discussion at the Amway Next Grow Meet – ALS (Amway Leadership Summit) Dubai, an incentive trip for delegates or ABO’s from Amway who have participated in all contests run by various verticals during the year and have qualified as Platinum Members; Amway GPI – Growth Incentive Plan, an incentive plan for ABO’s to earn more; Nutrilite WOW – Will Over Weight a product that helps people lose weight in a healthy and active manner, leading people to live a better lifestyle overall; and the re-launch of Attitude, the beauty and skin care collection.

A mega stage was conceptualised with a single line of thought - to make it look modern and contemporary, yet interesting and innovative. The design arm of CSD took up the challenge of turning the logo of the National Meet, which was also designed by CSD, into a stage. The idea was a hit with the client the moment it reached their mail boxes.

CSD wanted to make it a special meet for Amway, since this was the largest gathering of ABOs under one roof. Reportedly, this would be the first time that Amway was offering a growth incentive plan, which doubled their chances to qualify as platinum members, enabling all ABO’s to enter the final round of contests to earn more and aim for Dubai ALS, along with many delightful life changing plans on the personal front.

The event was curated with various Amway ABO goals and incentive schemes with a major revamp of the Attitude collection.

Each major discussion point was showcased with an act, which was a beautifully woven story around the destination ‘Dubai’, and the incentive which for the first time in the history of Amway, will enable all ABOs who manage to qualify as Platinum members to travel to Dubai in 2017.

The Nutrilite WOW storytelling saw select ABO’s and Amway management members who had taken part in a weight-loss schedule a few months back share their motivational journey. Each one shared their WOW journey and impressed the audiences with their determination to stick to a routine by following steps in the instruction manual that has proven to be effective and has long term benefits.

The re-launch of the Attitude line of products was showcased with a giant life-size model cut-out that rolled on to the stage, and was unveiled by the Amway Management Members.

On the seamless execution of the meet, Rahul Walia, AGM - Operations & Client Servicing, CS Direkt commented, “The CSD team faced major challenges with last minute venue changes, where the stage had to be resized to fit the event site. Yet the determination of the team at CSD did not mellow down, working on very tough deadlines and making changes in travel plans with necessary adjustments still made the Amway Next Growth Meet a huge success. The client was raving about the stage and showed a lot of curiosity towards our turn-around time, which simply justified the efforts of a truly great team who work silently behind the scenes."

The event was curated with various Amway ABO goals and incentive schemes, with a major revamp of the Attitude collection.

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