Obelus Events Joins The Good Shop to Create Unique Shopping Experiences for the Underprivileged

Industry Watch | August 22, 2016 | News

Obelus Events

Obelus Events is partnering with The Good Shop to create unique shopping experiences for Mumbai’s needy. Staying true to The Good Shop’s tagline - “Changing the way we think about Charity” - the agency’s CSR initiative aims to provide people from underprivileged backgrounds the opportunity to simply walk into a store and purchase clothing that they desire -- a basic privilege that they do not enjoy otherwise. The Good Shop recycles donated usable material of daily needs in a dignified and respectable manner, to facilitate this good deed.

The first edition of the event was conceptualised and organised by Chandni Shah (Co-founder - Obelus Events), along with Swapana Murarka and Nishita Murarka Dalal. The second edition scheduled for Aug 26, 2016 at The Integral Space, Lower Parel, Mumbai is being managed by Obelus Events. Commenting on their association with the event, Obelus’ Chandni Shah, said, “My partner Snehal Shetty and I have always believed that entrepreneurship was never about our profit margins alone, it’s about letting the community benefit as well with our growth. And we are thrilled to have taken a small step towards putting our belief into action. We wish to create yet another enriching experience and welcome many more kids this time around.”

The organisers spent several months collecting items of clothing, accessories, bags and other things of personal use, in good or new condition from generous donors. These items were then sorted and labeled with price tags for each item of sale. A shopping floor will be recreated for the event, with racks and sections catering to men, women, girls, boys, and miscellaneous items. Each participating NGO will be given one hour to come with their children and beneficiaries for the unique shopping experience. Participation is free for all NGO partners and the organisers hope the event benefits kids, especially. 

An interactive workshop on various life skills related topics like problem solving, resume building, etc. will be conducted for the kids. They will be then given the ‘Good Green Notes’ in different denominations, which could be used to purchase the items. Volunteers in the form of cashiers, salesmen and saleswomen will be present on the floor to complete the full experience of helping and guiding the children through the entire process.

The agency’s CSR initiative and the second edition of the event is scheduled to be held at The Space Integrity, Lower Parel on Aug 26 and is free for all partner NGOs.

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