Moving Heads Takes Reliance Nippon Life Insurance Gold Club Convention to Thailand

Marketing | August 19, 2016 | News

Moving Heads Reliance Life Insurance Pattaya

Reliance Nippon Life Insurance recently held their Gold Club Convention in Pattaya, Thailand, with their event partner Moving Heads managing the proceedings. Previously, the agency has managed and executed events for Reliance Nippon in Hyderabad and Singapore.

350 top Reliance Nippon Insurance Advisors from across India travelled to Thailand and were treated to a culturally rich experience wrapped in an oriental theme. Senior management from both Reliance Nippon Life Insurance India and Nippon Life Japan were in attendance, which raised the bar of perfection for the event agency - in terms of punctuality, flawless logistics planning, execution and overall guest experience. Scope of work for Moving Heads encompassed the R&R function planning and execution along with creative conceptualisation and artist management.

The evening hosted by Angela Rebello saw entertaining performances by local artists, keeping up with international standards. Starting with the lion dance, the programme featured the Thousand Hands act showcasing traditional Thai art, and magic tricks by a quick change performer. The Oriental décor, created in sync with the destination, featured the most recognizable Thai elements spiced up with a bright colour palette -- creating an eye-catching yet classy mash-up.

350 top Advisors from across India joined senior management representatives of the company in Pattaya for a culturally rich, oriental themed convention.

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