Live Hibachi Style Cooking & an Immaculate Sit Down Dining Experience by Food Inc

Weddings | August 18, 2016 | News

Food Inc designed and executed a flawless, awe-inspiring F&B experience for a recent high profile wedding at The Ritz, Ambience, Gurgaon which was attended by over 1000 guests.

A name that the swish set of society swear by and a name that is synonymous with ulra luxury dining- Food Inc, spearheaded by Varun Tuli is possibly amongst the top 3 catering companies of the country today and the most sought after when it comes to high end, intimate affairs.

The entire F&B theme for this event was designed around the concept of live hibachi style cooking - small menus on order with food cooked as per a guest's choice.

The idea was to let the guests experience sit down dining - often seen internationally, however, serving Indian food to 70% guests and either Asian or European to 30%!

Every guest was seated and the chefs cooked each dish to order. The theme was straight line and tons of wood was used. The focus was on the food and the table setting. Since the décor theme was white, white and silver or white and gold table settings are used.

Lots of counters for pre-dinner appetizers and small plates, also served by chefs were seen. Modern European, Modern Indian, South American and Modern Asian were the cuisines served in the pre dinner areas, and for the sit down dinner Food Inc had Asian and Indian islands.

Food Inc engaged cuisine experts like Chef Vicky Ratnani and Chef James Lakie from the UK to do specialty modern European counters and Chef Tanveer Kwatra do modern Indian delicacies.

Speaking of the primary challenge faced in catering for this event, Varun Tuli, Director, Food Inc said, “The challenge was executing a sit down for large numbers (1000+) and in India most people do not sit at the same time, they eat as and when they want to. Also serving Indian food, sit down style is always a challenge as the guests demand piping hot food. The hibachi concept is an idea that allows us to serve directly and piping hot.”

Another challenge Tuli discussed was that was that the client did not want a single guest to go to a buffet or walk around with a plate! Food Inc had to serve approximately 1200 guests - all sitting down!

Very importantly, each guest needed to be given an identical experience. Although, keeping part buffet, part restaurant style dining is a concept that has been done before; for such a large crowd an all hibachi style, sit down is practically impossible.

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The idea was to let the guests experience sit down dining at the Ritz, Ambience Gurgaon — serving Indian food to 70% guests and either Asian or European to 30%!

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