Xperiel Cloud-based Real World Web Platform to Help Develop Event-Driven Apps

Industry Watch | August 18, 2016 | Feature

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As the intermingling of digital and on-ground experiential marketing enhances day-by-day, the need for development platforms that can help event managers and marketers easily create consumer connects through apps/mobile marketing is in-demand. One such saviour comes via Xperiel - a cloud-based Real World Web (RWW) platform that creates mixed reality experiences for consumers by bringing together physical and digital worlds.

A company statement says, “The Xperiel platform provides the tools for building and hosting the RWW. It makes it possible to connect everything to the IoT (Internet of Things), build cloud-based applications, and deliver mixed reality experiences across any OS (Operating System) or connected device.”

The Xperiel platform consists of three components -- a Graphical programming language (cloud-based and patented Xperiel pebbling language) which helps non-technical people build applications within days instead of months; Device-agnostic apps in the cloud (applications developed with Xperiel are entirely cloud-based without sacrificing native performance); and a Universal trigger fabric (Xperiel connects any hardware or software — past, present or future — to the IoT by turning it into an interaction point that triggers applications through existing sensors built into mobile phones, wearables, virtual reality, and augmented reality headsets, etc.).

Xperieli’s already making waves at LIVE events. Speaking to Mobile Marketing Watch, Tucker Kain - CFO, Los Angeles Dodgers puts this in perspective. “Dodger Stadium provides our ball club with unlimited opportunities to connect with fans through their mobile devices during home games. Opportunities include everything from promoting special offers to providing personalized greetings on our big screens to playing sponsored games and contests where they can win meetings with their favorite players. Xperiel is turning our park and everything in it into a giant physical-digital ecosystem, where every inch of real estate can become digitally interactive, connecting fans with experiences that drive higher engagement rates, monetization, and fun,” he explains.

Another client, PepsiCo’s John Ross -- Director of Digital Engagement testifies, “Since Fall 2015, we have utilized Xperiel to gamify our highest profile global partner event including key sports, music, and commercial innovation planning sessions. We activated to explore and prove out mobile engagement metrics at a higher multiples than previous brand consumer campaigns.”
So, essentially the Xperiel platform revolutionises experiential marketing and advertising development dynamic by enabling anyone to create and share sophisticated mobile apps - that too at 1/100th of the amount of time and cost otherwise required to connect to the IoT. That’s good news for event professionals and agencies banking on digital interactions to aid consumer engagement, especially in the LIVE entertainment and sporting event/IP space.

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The platform can transform the experiential marketing and advertising development dynamic by enabling anyone to create and deploy sophisticated mobile apps.

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